Allkeyshop TV News 31 August (Recap)

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The Dark: Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan is Now Here

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is out now! This is the first of a series of narrative horror games that have been developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco. Man of Medan’s story starts out as with five friends are going on a holiday diving trip in the South Pacific. They were planning to look for a rumored World War 2 wreck bu, a storm rolls in and this is where all the supernatural craziness starts to happen. Man of Medan is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Wheel of Fate an AI-based RPG had been Announced

Game Studio UDX Interactive shared its upcoming artificial intelligence-based single-player RPG called Wheel of Fate coming to PC. The game offers a wheel that players must spin which will ultimately determine their fate. There are endless possibilities for one’s journey because of this. The game also offers an Active Response Battle system which is a different take on the turn-based combat. Players are able to craft weapons, items and armor with so many gear combinations available.

Pax Nova Receives Huge Planetary Update

Pax Nova the 4X, turn-based strategy game which is currently available on Steam’s Early Access is getting its biggest update called the Planetary Update. This new update will give players better control at the start of the game by deciding on the size of the galaxy as well as planet sizes. You can also choose how many AI’s you would want to begin with as well as how many factions and biomes for each planet. There will be new types of terrain, new trees as well as new natural wonders.

Project Resistance to be Unveiled on September 9th

The announcement of the new Resident Evil title is almost here and Capcom is getting ready for it. We don’t know much about the new game, only that it is called Project Resistance. Everything will be unveiled come Monday, September 9th at 8 AM PT, 11 AM ET, or 4 PM BST at the official Resident Evil YouTube channel. Another thing that was shared was that the game will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A couple of screenshots had been seen since some YouTube video thumbnails are shown.

Blizzard Increases WoW Classic Real Capacity

Blizzard has posted an announcement in the World of Warcraft forums that they are “substantially increasing the number of players that can be simultaneously logged in and playing” in World of Warcraft Classic’s realms. Blizzard said they are expecting the queues to get smaller, and some realms should have no queues at all. They added that they will closely monitor the game’s stability and performance throughout this process.

Celeste and Inside Free on Epic Games This Week

It’s that time of the week on Epic Games Store! This week, you’ll get Celeste and Inside for free and keep it in your library forever! You can download both games on the Epic Games Store until September 5th. Epic Games also announced that next week, you’ll get Abzu and The End is Nigh as free games. Go ahead and grab these games now while they are available.

Management Sim Megaquarium Coming to Consoles

Economic management sim Megaquarium is coming to consoles later this year. The game is currently available on PC, and console players will soon get their in-game business running with this aquarium management game. Megaquarium will have players run their own public aquarium from the ground up, managing different staff and their salaries, aquatic animals, exhibits, and a lot more. Megaquarium is yet to receive a release date, but it will be coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

PlanetSide Arena Launches in Early Access on September

Daybreak Games has announced that PlanetSide Arena will be launching on Steam in Early Access starting September 19th. They are planning to launch the game in multiple platforms in Q2 2020. At launch, the game will include the new Squads mode with 12 soldiers per squad, and Teams mode with three soldiers per team. Over the course of the year, the developer plans to release new vehicles, classes, weapons, events, maps, and more. PlanetSide Arena is a sci-fi battle royale.

Two Point Hospital Free on Steam for the Weekend

Two Point Hospital is having a free weekend on Steam! From now until September 2nd, players will get to try the game absolutely free. Its new alien-themed Close Encounters DLC is also already out, however, a trial or demo is not included in the free weekend. Nonetheless, the game is available at 50% off throughout the free weekend, so those who wish to continue their healing sprees can do so by purchasing their copy. Two Point Hospital is currently only available on PC.

Grand Brix Shooter Available Now on PC and Switch

Intragames is happy to announce that its arcade shoot ’em up Grand Brix Shooter is available now on PC and Switch. The game supports co-op with up to two players. In Challenge Mode, both players share HP, so if one player gets hit, both players’ HP will decrease. The game can also be played in solo where players will be able to use the game’s fusion system to get on a new aircraft as they encounter them in the game. Each aircraft will only be available for a limited time, so players will fuse with different types of aircraft each time.

Destiny 2 Will Be Introducing a Battle Pass

Bungie announced that they are introducing a new Season Pass system in the coming Destiny 2 year. When Year 3 rolls out, players will be able to purchase a Season Pass for each new season, which is similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass. Each Season Pass costs 10 Dollars each. Full details on the upcoming Destiny 2 Season Pass are available in Bungie’s latest blog post in their website.

New Giant Boss Revealed for Praey for the Gods

A new giant boss has been revealed for Praey for the Gods during PAX West. If you are fans of the game, you may know that the game does take inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus where in which it is an action game that lets you battle mega-bosses. The new boss had been revealed via a trailer and it looks like it will be a very impressive fight. The sneak peek had been shared in their booth. Praey for the Gods is currently on Steam Early Access, it had launched early this year on January 31st.

Trailer Revealed for Samurai Showdown Switch Port

SNK is pleased to announce that Samurai Shodown is being released for the Nintendo Switch. Currently, Samurai Shodown is only available for PlayStation and the Xbox One where it looks absolutely stunning. The developers recently released a gameplay trailer for the title on the Nintendo Switch and while it doesn’t look as visually pleasing as it does on other consoles, it still looks good and runs at a consistent 60 frames per second.

September Xbox Games With Gold Offers Hitman and Tekken Tag Tournament

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be awarded access to Hitman: The Full First Season as well as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in September’s Games With Gold Lineup. Hitman will be offered from the first of September until the 13th while Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be available from the sixteenth up until the end of the month. Earth Defense Force 2025 is the third title in the September Lineup. In any case, you still have until the end of August to pick up Gears of War 4.

Launch Date for Crazy Physics Game Noita Revealed

Noita, which is a unique, particle-driven roguelike game finally has a release date which is in September 24th on Steam. To celebrate, a reveal trailer had been shared. Noita had been a popular game during this year’s Independent Game Festival, it had been nominated in various categories and was able to bring home the grand prize. In Noita, players get to control a novice mage and guide him through mines that will increase in difficulty, one death will bring players back to the very start.

Jumanji: The Video Game Launches a Week Early

Get to play as Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar or Professor Shelly Oberon a week earlier than the intended launch as developer’s Funsolve announced that the release date of Jumani: The Video Game will move up a week to November 8th. Originally the game was announced to be launching on November 15th. This is great news since it is rare that we get earlier release dates. Jumani the Video Game will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Pathologic 2 Free DLC Announced

Developer Ice-Pick Lodge has announced that they will be launching a free DLC called the Marble Nest even though they are experiencing some budget problems. The DLC is a “polished and optimized version of what was once Pathologic 2’s demo”. The developers also mentioned that they are planning to port the game to consoles and that is what they are currently working on. Also, right now, they have nothing to share about their plans for the game’s Bachelor of Challenging stories.

Total War: Warhammer 2 Next DLC Launches on September 11

A new DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2 has been announced and it is called The Hunter and The Beast. The DLC will be arriving on September 11th, available for $8.99 USD. This will be introducing two Legendary Lords for the Empire as well as Lizardman races. They will be playable in Eye of the Vortex as well as in the Mortal Empires and will have their own unique faction, units and campaign mechanics. Another thing that will be arriving with this DLC is the largest playable unit called the Dread Saurian.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Next Series Teased

The next entry of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan has been teased. The teaser can be seen when you unlock a particular ending in the game Man of Medan. The second entry is called The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope and it will be launching by early 2020. The Dark Pictures Anthology is a game that will be released as a series. The developer’s Supermassive plan to drop new entries every six months and each one will not be connected to the story of the previous entry.

Indie Developer Finji Announces New Game Overland

A new post-apocalyptic turn-based tactics game called Overland has been announced by indie developer Finji and it is set to launch on September 19th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players will be taking control of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic America. You must scavenge for supplies, rescue other travelers, and try to get away from the huge bug-like creatures. You have to make your way across the country and at the same time survive. A cute dog will also be your companion.

Star Wars: The Old Republic New Expansion Delayed

The next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion called Onslaught will not be launching on its intended date. The original launch date was supposed to be for September this year and it was then moved for October 22nd, 2019. This has been announced by senior producer Keith Kanneg and the reason behind the delay is for them to make sure that everything is working properly in the game. There had been a lot of feedback from the Onslaught Public Test Servers, and they plan to work on those before the launch.

Once Upon A Time In Roswell Announced

If you are fans of psychological horror games, another game to look forward to which will be arriving next year is Once Upon A Time in Roswell. The game is being published by TinyBuildGames and to celebrate their announcement for the upcoming game, a trailer had been launched. Once Upon A Time In Roswell is set in 1947 Roswell, USA and it tells the story of the disappearances of the families in the area. You will be witnessing some scary flashbacks as well as see some supernatural beings.

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