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Kill la Kill: IF Update Adds Free DLC Character

Kill la Kill The Game: IF has received its first major update since its launch back in July. Update 1.04 brings a lot of balance tweaks as well as the free DLC character, Nudist Beach D.T.R. Also called Dontobori Robot, Nudist Beach D.T.R. is a mech developed by the Takarada Conglomerate under the tech assistance of Nudist Beach. The full patch notes for balance tweaks and affected characters are up on Kill la Kill’s website.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Receives Balance Update

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is yet to officially release on October 18th, but players who purchased the Founding Neighbor Edition have been able to play the game in early access. The early access version has received a significant update which adds the four-on-four PvP Battle Arena as well as a new PvE story zone. The update also nerfs Night Cap and Acorn, and buffs for zombies like Soldier and All-Star. It also adds adjustments in difficulty for several quests, gnome challenges, and hunts. The full patch notes are posted on EA’s website.

Huge NHL 20 Update Fixes Glitch and More

NHL 20 has received its huge October 1 patch which includes gameplay changes and more. First off, the update adds the NHL 2019-2020 season rule change for puck out of bounds. It also fixes a case where the player is sometimes unable to pick up the puck after a penalty shot in Threes. The update also includes tons of fixes and improvements to the game. The long list of changes are detailed in the patch notes which is available in the EA forums.

Apex Legends Season 3 Kicks Off with New Hero

Apex Legends’ Season 3 has finally launched, bringing not only a new map, but also a new hero to the game. The new hero is Crypto who’s armed with an aerial drone, and his primary focus is to pinpoint enemies. He also has a passive ability where he’s able to see what the drone sees up to 30 meters away. Crypto is the 10th Legend in the game’s roster and was also known as a hacker named Park Tae Joon before he joined Apex Games as Crypto.

Overwatch Has No Amiibo Support Planned for Switch

Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 15th, however it won’t have Amiibo support. Blizzard said it currently doesn’t have plans for Amiibo support, unlike Diablo 3 which debuted on Switch with a Loot Goblin Amiibo figure that allows players to open up a portal in the game. In other related news, Blizzard said the game will run at 900p while docked and 720p while undocked on Switch, and at 30 FPS. The Switch version will also come with all other content previously released for other platforms.

Rocket League Random Loot Crates Replaced with Blueprints

Rocket League’s loot crates will soon be a thing of the past, as Psyonix will be replacing them with blueprints. These blueprints will be available in December and will allow players to know in advance what item it offers before they purchase it. Certified, painted, and special edition items will be available in these blueprints. Also coming in December is the planned item shop which will feature older items that appeared in crates plus new ones.

PUBG PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Play Available Now

Update 4.3 is now live on PUBG and it adds cross-play support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Cross-play, however, only allows players to play on the same servers at this time; it doesn’t support two players playing on different platforms yet. The cross-party feature is still being worked on, and PUBG Corp said they will share information on a release window at a later date. Players can try out cross-play by downloading test servers on their consoles.

CSGO Players in France Can Peek in Loot Boxes Before Opening Them

CSGO players in France have the ability to peek inside loot boxes before they open them. This has been made possible by a new item added to players’ inventories called X-ray Scanner. Players will place a container inside the X-ray Scanner, then it will consume the container before revealing what’s inside it. Players have to claim the item inside the container before they can scan another one. The addition of X-ray Scanner, however, will prevent players in France to purchase loot boxes from Steam Community Market.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Expansion Teased

Bethesda revealed details on Fallout 76’s upcoming Wastelanders expansion in a blog post. The post describes in detail what players can expect in the coming months. The post mentioned the upcoming public test server, which is currently in the works and is scheduled for launch next year. Players can also expect multiple perk loadouts in early 2020, as well as a multi-factor authentication scheme to players’ accounts. The legendary system is still in the works and will also launch in 2020.

Super Mario Maker 2 Now Lets Players Play Online with Friends

Nintendo has rolled out a new update for Super Mario Maker 2 which allows players to play online with friends and not with random people anymore. Nintendo World Report said Nintendo chose not to add this feature so players won’t team up to dominate global leaderboards. They eventually listened to players’ feedback and added it in the version 1.1.0 update.

Destiny 2 on Steam Breaks 200,000 Peak Concurrent Users

Destiny 2 has seen an increase in concurrent peak player count on Steam. The game has achieved 211,161 concurrent players and landed on the fourth spot of the Steam Top 100 list. This number is more than double the daily peak concurrent player count of Rainbow Six Siege. The game, however, underwent emergency maintenance in order to manage the influx of players in their servers.

Elder Scrolls Charity Campaign Announced

Elder Scrolls Online has a charity campaign called the Slay Dragons, Save Cats. This campaign aims to donate $1 USD for every 5 dragons killed in the MMO World of Tamriel. The charities that will be receiving the donations are Best Friends Animal Society and Four Paws. Zenimax has committed to donating up to $200,000 USD split between the two charities. This campaign will run from October 3 until December 9.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Official Game Overview Revealed

Frozenbyte was able to return to the classic 2D styling for Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince which had been seen in the official game overview released recently. In this upcoming series we get to see that the characters of the game had been upgraded a little Pontius can now conjure Ghost Shields, Zoya, on the other hand, can use Elemental Arrows, Amadeus now uses balls. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince launches on October 8th for PC.

Mortal Kombat 11’s Cassie Cage Gets Harley Quinn Skin

Mortal Kombat 11’s Cassie Cage is getting a new skin! She is bringing to life the popular DC character Harley Quinn. The announcement had been posted on the game’s official Twitter account saying, “Fun Fact: Cassie auditioned for Birds of Prey. Unfortunately, she inherited her Father’s acting skills.” A short clip accompanied the post and we get to see Cassie in the Harley Quinn skin accompanied by the character Terminator. The skin and Terminator DLC will launch on October 8th.

FIFA 20’s Second Major Update Now Live

FIFA 20’s second major update is here and it brings improvements to Volta, Career and FIFA Ultimate Team. Some of the notable fixes include the improvement of the responsiveness of dribbling. Goalkeepers are now more likely to push the ball further away from the net when making a save. The effectiveness of Lofted Ground Passes and Lofted Through Passes had also been reduced. The complete patch notes is quite long and you can check it out in the game’s official website.

The Sinking City Performance Patch Detailed

The Sinking City is getting a performance patch as announced by Frogwares. This new patch will come with enhancements for the game’s console version as well as with some PC-specific ones. Overall though, the patch will improve the game’s performance. This will bring a more stable FPS rate when playing the game. Some additional improvements and optimizations will also be coming based on the post-launch feedback. The patch is still in its testing phase and doesn’t have a release date yet.

Psychological Thriller Martha is Dead to Launch by 2020

Martha is Dead by developer and publisher LKA is a psychological thriller with multilayered narratives. The game is set in Tuscany just south of the Gothic line and the year is 1944. This is the time when the conflict between the German and Allied forces is at its peak and the body of a drowned woman had been found. The twin sister of the dead woman, who is a German soldier must deal with the trauma. Martha is Dead is set to launch in 2020.

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Exits Early Access

Sandbox tactical shooter: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare now has complete features and is all set to leave Steam Early Access on October 4th. The game spent a year and eight months in early access, where it went through a lot of changes. The full version, according to its developer KK Game Studio, is “more like an actual guerrilla warfare simulator,” as players will be tasked to train civilians to become fighters for the liberation of Cherniv. KK said they will support the game with patches for bug fixes and by adding more features and content in the future.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Gets Major Update

Daedalic Entertainment and Unfrozen has announced that their game Iratus Lord of the Dead is getting its first major content update. The game actually had been a top seller on steam after coming out of early access. The game even topped some of Daedalic’s own records. To celebrate, the game will get an update as well as will be discounted by 25% on Steam for two days. The update for the game will come with two new minions which are the Unfrozen and he Infested.

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition Now on Switch

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch. Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition on the Switch includes the base game plus the SAVE CHURCHILL additional mini-campaign which is split across three missions, the TARGET HITLER: HUNT THE GREY WOLF additional campaign mission, 24 extra weapons, 6 additional competitive multiplayer maps, the Overwatch co-op mission TWILIGHT STRIKE, and the Shooting Range. The Switch version also supports local and co-op multiplayer.

Neverwinter: Uprising Available on Consoles

Neverwinter: Uprising is now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Uprising brings new features such as the all-new playable Gith race, the Uprising storyline, the 10-player Trial endgame, and a new PvP content which includes gear and the new Stardock Arena map. It also includes a revamp of Protector’s Enclave and Early Game Zone as well as an overhaul of the Appearance System. Neverwinter: Uprising is also available on PC.

What the Golf Launches on Epic

What the Golf? from developer Triband and publisher, Fig is a physics-based golf parody that is brilliant and absurd. The game launches today on Epic Games and is available for $19.99 USD. This is also available right now with a 25% off discount for a limited time. We can also expect the game to be available on the Nintendo Switch later on the year.

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