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Sandbox MMORPG Legend of Aria Coming to Steam Early Access

Citadel Studios is happy to announce that its sandbox MMORPG Legend of Aria is finally launching on Steam in Early Access, and will be available starting August 6th. The developer said that the Early Access build of the game will come ” with a host of new content and game updates” which include the Bard skill-line, a New Weapon and Armor Enchanting system, new mounting types, new housing types, and a lot more. The developer also announced a live Dev Q&A happening on July 26th at 1pm Eastern in their Twitch channel.

Tribes of Midgard Open Beta Runs This Weekend

Norsfell has announced that Tribes of Midgard is having its first open beta on Steam from July 26th at 3:00 PM ET until July 28th at 11:59 PM ET. Those who wish to participate can visit the game’s Steam page on Friday and simply hit the Play button. Anyone can join in the Open Beta 1 at any time. The open beta will let players experience the new Winter Effect, new creatures, Giants that level up, new tools for harvesting, and a lot more.

Damsel Coming to Switch and Xbox One

The arcade platformer Damsel, which is currently available on PC through Steam, will soon be available to players on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The game will be heading to the said consoles starting August 7th. The game is also now available to be pre-purchased at a discounted price on the Nintendo eShop and the Xbox Store. Damsel features a badass female protagonist who’s facing off ” an army of irresponsible corporate vampires.” The game features 75 missions that are set across 15 visually stunning environments.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Getting Free Lunatic Difficulty After Launch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set to launch on July 26th on the Nintendo Switch, and it is set to receive a free update after launch which will include a Lunatic difficulty setting. At launch, the game will come with two difficulty setting. Game director Genki Yokota shared this news through Famitsu, but did not mention a release date for this update. He mentioned, though, that the update will come shortly after the game launches. The Lunatic mode will provide an extra challenging gameplay experience to players.

Battle Pass and New Vehicle Announced for Switchblade

Indie developer Lucid Games has announced that Switchblade will be getting a Battle Pass as well as the new Angel vehicle. Battle Pass 1 – Ride to Victory will include both free and premium rewards. The premium rewards can be purchased using in-game currency, or with real money. “Free tiers will contain standard rewards whilst premium tiers will contain a mix of superior, epic, legendary and ultimate rewards,” the developer explained. The Angel vehicle can be unlocked by progressing through the game.

Multiplayer Roguelite Rogue Glitch Coming to Steam

Multiplayer roguelite Rogue Glitch is coming to Steam Early Access next month, Numskull Games has announced. The Early Access build of the game will feature over 80 unique items, as well as 7 upgradeable characters with unique properties and narrative. It also features solo as well as online co-op with up to 4 players. The game also has four difficulty levels.

Vane Out Now

Friend & Foe’s action-adventure game Vane is out now on Steam. the game has spent four years in development. To celebrate its launch, the game is currently available at a discount on Steam. Vane features a protagonist who transforms into a bird and a child as he goes on a journey “to unravel the land’s mysteries and create a path forward through the barren landscape.” The game first launched on the PlayStation 4.

The Church in the Darkness Launches August 2nd

The Church in the Darkness, an action-adventure game from Fellow Traveller and Paranoid Productions, will be out on Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One starting August 2nd. The game is set in the year 1977, where players will take the role of an ex-law enforcement officer named Vic who’s on a mission to infiltrate a religious cult his nephew Alex joined. The game gives players the choice to use stealth or violence, and the choices players make will change the course of the story.

Rainbow Six Siege Has Largest Number of Active Users in June

Rainbow Six Siege had the largest number of active users for June, according to a report by SuperData. The game has generated $36.8 million in in-game spending for Ubisoft across all its platforms. This figure significantly increased by 50% as compared to May 2019. It is also up by 9% as compared to data of June 2018. On the other hand, the biggest release for June is Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled which sold 552,000 units digitally.

PUBG Season 4 Live Now on PC

PUBG Season 4 is live now on the game’s live PC servers. Season 4 brings new content such as the Erangel Visual Update which brings new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain, and some changed areas within the map. The game’s latest survivor pass, AFTERMATH, is now also live and offers unique missions and rewards for players. This includes the new Co-op Missions that will allow players to progress with group progression.

Tetris Effect Requires Steam VR for its VR Mode

Tetris Effect was announced as an Epic Games Store exclusive, however, in a weird turn of events, the game’s VR mode will require Steam VR using Oculus and Vive in order to play it. In an email sent to DSOGaming, Epic Games clarified that the game will not require Steam to run, but it does “require SteamVR, both on HTC Vive and Oculus. You can find full details on the Tetris Effect’s Epic Game store FAQ.”

Borderlands 3 Reveal Trailer Features Promethea

Borderlands 3 shared a new video trailer introducing their new location called Promethea, this is a metropolitan-city planet that offers a futuristic urban environment. This is where the Atlas corporation lives and it is a stunningly beautiful location. Part of that environment is in ruins though as their rival corporation, Maliwan has placed the planet under siege. Borderlands 3 is set to launch by September 13 and is available to be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Overwatch New Tank Sigma Now in Test Servers

The newest hero in Overwatch is a tank named Sigma. He is now available in the game’s public server test and is making an impact. This tank has the power to manipulate gravity and an ult that is otherworldly. Sigma’s ult is able to lift both him and some enemies in the air and then suddenly the enemies around gets slammed to the ground which will cost them 50 percent of their max HP. This could be a solution to overtime stalemates. Sigma, however, is not the most maneuverable tank except when he has his ult.

GTA Online Casino Update is Inaccessible in Some Countries

Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest casino update called the Diamond Casino update is now live. However, a lot of players from different countries are discovering that they are not able to use it because of their local gambling laws. This new update lets players spend real-world money in order to buy in-game cash that they are able to spend in the casino. Redditors started making a list for the countries that are not able to access the update, currently they were able to list about 50 locations.

Persona 5 Royal Livestream Coming August 2nd

Come August 2nd, a livestream for Persona 5 Royal will happen and it will have new information about the game as well as it’s very first live gameplay. You will get to see two familiar faces on the stream if you are Persona 5 fans. The MC will be Chiaki Matsuzawa and Mafia Kajita will be there as a guest. This stream will be the first big event for the game since the trailer for it was revealed. Persona 5 Royale is exclusive for PlayStation 4 and will launch on October 31st in Japan and in the West by 2020.

Fire Emblem Three Houses’ Lunatic Mode Details Shared

Fire Emblem Three Houses is launching today and according to an interview with the game’s Director Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Series Director Genki Yokota via Famitsu magazine, some expansion pass details were shared. They said that the expansion pass will only have side-stories and no after content for the main story. Also, a Lunatic Mode will be made available for free after launch and it will add a new difficulty level. Fire Emblem Three Houses is exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Jedi: Fallen Order and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are “Very Similar”

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is similar to Sekiro Shadows Die Twice as said by the game’s lead combat designer Jason de Heras via an interview with Edge Magazine. De Heras said that it was “a little comforting to know that you could make this type of game without a stamina bar,” just like Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Another Respawn dev that is a FromSoftware fan is game director Stig Asmussen who’s favorite game is FromSoftware’s King’s Field that launched way back in 1994.

Runescape’s RuneFest 2019 Arrives on October 4

RuneFest 2019 is about three months away, and this year the theme will be pre-historic with the Land Out of Time update. This is the ninth annual iteration of this event and it brings together both Runescape and Old School RuneScape. RuneFest 2019 will be starting on October 4th for the update and on the following day, October 5th, a convention-style festivity will happen, with honors being given to favorite community members, content creators, and streamers. This will take place in London, UK.

Moonlighter and This War of Mine is Free on Epic Games Store

The current free games that you can play on the Epic Games Store are Moonlighter and This War of Mine. Moonlighter is about magical Gates that goes through different realms and dimensions. This War of Mine is a dark survival game where you get to control a group in order to survive. The following set of free games would be for Alan Wake and For Honor. Alan Awake is about a best selling suspense author suffering from a writer’s block. For Honor offers a competitive experience with strategy and team play.

Rogue Singularity to Launch on Nintendo Switch

Rogue Singularity is getting a Nintendo Switch port which will be arriving next month. The game is already available on PC via Steam. Offering a high-speed infinite obstacle course that will have players racing through volcanoes, jungles, factories, coral reefs, beehives and so much more. You will be doing this through the electronic soundtrack of Derris Kharlan, the chiptunes legend. Rogue Singularity for Switch is launching on August 15, 2019, available for $14.99 USD.

Infliction Launching Later This Year

The psychological horror game called Infliction is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch by the fourth quarter of the year and is currently available on PC. This is a psychological horror game that revolves around a once-happy family. You will have to find out the events that lead to the tragedy that the family is facing. The game offers an unsettling and unpredictable first-person experience in a strory-driven approach. There will be elements of the supernatural and everyday life.

WRC 8 Shares Details of Career Mode

WRC 8 which will be launching on September this year will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and it has a new Career Mode. The new mode will mimic the real world and will allow players to be a WRC team driver for the very first time. Players would have to progress in every season and compete in the WRC category and eventually be the world champion. Players should excel in three major areas that includes planning, managing as well as upgrading.

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