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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Beta Announced

Activision and Treyarch have announced that the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Royale beta is set to happen next month! Blackout will be playable for the first time on September 10th in a limited beta which will be available to Playstation 4 players first. Both Activision and Treyarch are yet to announce the beta dates for PC and Xbox One players. A teaser on Twitter implies that the beta will let players play solo, duo, or as part of a squad.

Warframe Gets Fighting Game Mode

Digital Extremes’ free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe is getting a free arcade fighting game called Frame Fighter. This is a mini-game where you would have to visit Cephalon Simaris and by getting the Ludoplex. Players will be able to choose between Excalibur, Volt, and Mag Warframes as characters. Each one is equipped with unique abilities. Other Frame Fighters can be unlocked by gathering Fragments through out Warframe. Other mini-games are also available in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Grim Sky’s Attacker

Rainbow Six Siege’s Grim Sky is yet to be fully revealed, but up on Reddit are some interesting information on some upcoming content. One of those dug up is the name of the new Attacker, which was found from the tags from the new Clash video. Embedded within the keywords is the phrase “new operator maverick” and another Redditor has noted a url from the Ubisoft website which has “maverickreveal” in it. The Six Major is happening this weekend in Paris, so we are expecting to get more information on this soon.

Rage 2 Will Include Flying Vehicles

Rage 2 has an assortment of vehicles and one of them is actually flying! Game director Magnus Nedfors said that players of Rage 2 will get to own three types of vehicles one is a car, then a bike and the flying vehicle which is not like a jet or a plane but more like a ‘hoverbike’. Players will be able to evolve and customize their vehicles as they wish. Of course, you can still steal cars that you see around the wasteland which you are able to bring it home to your base and use again at a later time.

Capcom Acknowledges Monster Hunter World Connection Errors on PC

Monster Hunter World players on PC have been getting connection errors which has resulted in an influx of negative reviews on Steam, dropping it to an overall rating of 50%. Capcom has finally acknowledged the problem in an announcement saying that they are currently working with Steam to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Despite the said problems, it has quickly become the best-selling Japanese game of all time on Steam and has sold over 10 million copies across PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Gamescom 2018 Award Nominees Revealed

Gamescom 2018 is set to take place on August 21st until the 25th, and as early as now, the nominees for Gamescom 2018 Awards have been named. There are a total of 16 awards to be given, and 31 games nominated. Among those nominated are Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition. These three were nominated in different multiple awards categories. The winners of each award will be determined by a panel consisting of journalists and YouTubers, and will be announced August 21st.

Battle Royale Announced for Skyforge

Sci-fi fantasy game Skyforge is hopping on to the battle royale wagon, as announced that the game will launch a free battle royale mode. Skyforge Battle Royale will launch on August 28th on PC, August 29th on the Playstation 4, and August 30th on Xbox One. The battle royale mode will feature more than 12 new unique heroes that each have their own unique skill sets, hunting players and monsters, and loot. You need to own a copy of the base game in order for you to get battle royale.

Konami Announces Gamescom Activities

Konami will be at Gamescom 2018 which will be held in Cologne, Germany this coming August 21st to the 25th. They will have a dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh! booth located at hall 5.2/E039. Activities to be enjoyed in their booth are TCG tournaments, and people are encouraged to bring their decks and compete. There are demos, duels, and trades, a chance to duel with the master, the duel links tower, a photo box where your photo is printed as a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG card, and of course, a card shop is also available to power up your deck.

Catland Announces Stealth Game The Spy Who Shrunk Me

Finnish game developer Catland has announced their newest game, The spy Who shrunk Me. This is the company’s second game, and is the first one that will be released to both PC and VR. The Spy Who Shrunk me is an exciting stealth game that lets players take on the role of super agent Audrey Smoothspy. She is armed with a shrink ray and other exotic and unusual spy gadgets. The game is slated for a 2018 release on Steam and it includes both PC and VR versions for the same price.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is the New Sniper Ghost Warrior Game

It looks like CI Games will be taking a step back for the next entry in their Sniper Ghost Warrior series. Although the last game went open world, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is set to bring back the mission-based structure of earlier titles. The game will be set in the Siberian wilderness whose environment plays a big role on how players will tackle each mission. Players will also be able to approach missions however they like and will be able replay all missions to try out different routes.

Madden 19 Hits Over 100 Million Copies Sold

Madden NFL 19 has helped the franchise reach a very impressive milestone. EA Sports has revealed that their premier American football sim has sold over 130 million copies since it first launched back in 1998. The game has now joined a very exclusive list of other EA games that have hit over 100 million units sold. FIFA managed to pass 100 million copies sold back in 2010, while The Sims and Need for Speed accomplished the same feat in 2008 and 2009 respectively. EA also revealed that Madden has also enjoyed success on mobile with 73 million installs so far.

Bandai Namco Teases New Horror Game

An interesting teaser has been launched by Bandai Namco and it is in a form of a creepy website. The site just shared a footage of a recording with a play button as well as a date 08.30.2018. The footage is also labeled as “domas-SCENE01”. For now, nothing happens when the play button is hit, most possibly it will work on the date stated on the footage which is on August 30th. According to Gematsu, the site is called “Summer Horror Project” and words like “zombie” and “horror” are a part of its meta keywords.

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