AllKeyShop Reward Program Anti-Cheat System

19 June 2018 at 14:31 in Allkeyshop Video Gaming News with 4 comments
AllKeyShop Reward Program Anti-Cheat System

It’s been some time since we’ve introduced the new Reward Program for the AllKeyShop Network. Since we put up, tens of thousands of users have participated in giveaways and made their own wheels for a chance to win epic games and exciting prizes.

In the spirit of fairness and making sure the Reward Program remains a fun way to enjoy using the site, we here at AllKeyShop have been hard at work to prevent anything that may be detrimental to the experience. Unfortunately, there are several users who have tried to manipulate the odds in their favor by making multiple accounts across our various sites.

We would like to inform all of our users that AllKeyShop does not allow the creation of multiple accounts and any activity intended to manipulate the Reward Program. We also have an anti-cheat system in place that will easily catch this type of behavior.

  • Multiple accounts created by the same user will be detected by the anti-cheat system.
  • All of these accounts will be banned permanently.
  • The user who created the accounts will be allowed to reactivate one account given he or she links it with a Level 1 Steam account.
AllKeyShop Reward Program Anti-Cheat System

As of writing, we have already banned 6,188 accounts made by 316 users across all of our sites. This includes, all of the regional sites, and

So, let us all work together towards making the Reward Program fun and enjoyable for everyone. If you need help with your account or with anything about the Reward Program at all, feel free to ask for help through our live chat. You can also leave a message there in case we are offline.

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Once again, enjoy and good luck!

AllKeyShop Rewards Program