The All-New AllKeyShop Reward Program

29 May 2018 at 15:54 in Allkeyshop Video Gaming News with 3 comments
AllKeyshop Reward Program provides different ways for you to earn points while on the site. These points can then be used to enter the daily lottery to get a chance to win different games and other exciting prizes. Here’s how it works:


Visitors can complete quests to earn points daily. These quests are simple tasks that anyone can do. The complete list of quests can be found here:

There are two types of quests — Daily Quests and Other Quests. Daily Quests can be accomplished every single day, giving you the chance to earn points daily. These quests reset at 00:00 UTC. Some of these quests can be done multiple times, giving you even more points the more times you accomplish the quest. Other Quests are special quests that allow visitors to earn points at different time intervals. You may have also noticed the Highlighted Quests section at the top of the list. Highlighted Quests are simply quests that give visitors the chance to earn huge amounts of points. These are the different parts of a quest: AllKeyshop Reward Program Quests To maximize your points daily, always check the Reward Program page and make sure you’ve maxed out the completion of all Daily Quests. You can earn as much as 15,700 points (plus the redeemed coupon points) everyday by completing all of the Daily Quests.

Daily Lotteries

All the points you’ve earned can be used to enter our Daily Lotteries. These lotteries give you a chance to win coins (¢), the virtual currency used by our partner site, SteamKeyBox is a website that allows you to create custom prize wheels that you can spin to win games. More info about SteamKeyBox later. You can find the Daily Lotteries here:

The main lottery gives you a chance to win 30 coins by purchasing tickets worth 100,000 points each. Other lotteries are available with prizes ranging from 1 to 25 coins with lower ticket prices. You can click on any of them to join. You are allowed to purchase as many tickets as your points can afford. The more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances of winning the lottery. Here’s the twist — if you don’t win the lottery, all your points get refunded back to you. However, if you do win, all points you used to purchase tickets for that lottery are used up and won’t be refunded. You of course get the prize coins in return. AllKeyshop Reward Program Daily Lotteries To join a lottery, first make sure you’re on the correct lottery’s page. If you’re not joining the main (30-coin) lottery, scroll down to the list of lotteries and click on the lottery you want to join. The time left to join the lottery is displayed at the top of the lottery. Click on the “Play Lottery” button. Enter the number of tickets you want to purchase. The total cost in points is displayed. Make sure you have enough points, then click on ‘Pay’. You’ll get a message saying the tickets were successfully saved. If you decide to purchase more tickets, simply click on “Get More Tickets” and repeat the process. Once the timer at the top of the lottery expires, the system will automatically draw a winner. Winners are displayed at the bottom of the lottery. If you were lucky enough to win, you’ll get a SteamKeyBox voucher code sent to your AllKeyShop profile. You can view your profile here:

Prize Redemption

Once you have the voucher code, you can redeem your coins by going to your SteamKeyBox profile. Take note that you will need to register an account with SteamKeyBox by linking a Facebook, Google, Steam or Twitch account to redeem voucher codes and use the site’s services. Once you’re logged in, you can exchange your voucher code for its corresponding points at the bottom of this page:

Once you have your coins, you may now use them to create your own prize wheels using SteamKeyBox. Customize your wheel with the games you want and spin it to get your prize. It’s definitely the funnest way to win games on the internet. AllKeyshop Reward Program SteamKeyBox For more information on how to use, you can go through the tutorial when you first get to the site’s homepage, or you can go to this page for more information:

We hope you learned a lot from this tutorial. Make sure to do all the Daily Quests regularly to get tons of points. Happy questing and good luck in the lotteries!