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Street Fighter 5 Story Will Be Released as an Expansion

If you have been a fan of the Street Fighter franchise, you will know that it is an amazing fighting game, however, it does lack a cohesive story line. The story does jump from Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV, then Street Fighter III.

As far as story line goes, Street Fighter usually just gives you snippets of what the individual character is about. You play a character from the start and finish with the character’s end story, and that’s about it. It doesn’t give you a clear plot on why and how everybody is connected. A few fighting games that are great examples with decent story experiences are the likes of Tekken, King of Fighters and Mortal Kombat. These games give you a feel of a complete scenario.

But all that is about to change with Street Fighter 5. In a recent interview with Venture Beat, Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter 5, said, “We decided to put all our efforts into something genuine … we’re calling it a story expansion.”

“The concept for Street Fighter V is to finally bring together the events that happened between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III,” added Ono.

So far, we have no idea on what the story of Street Fighter 5 will be as Capcom’s producer Matt Dahlgren said in an interview with HipHopGamer “I can’t reveal any specifics of our story, but I can say we are going to be doing things differently this time around…Our story content is going to be unique and different from any previous Street Fighter game.”

What we definitely know is that Street Fighter 5 “plans to bridge the gaps and create a nice clear story across the board”.

All this will come as a story expansion that will come out by June. If you already have the disk, it will come as a free content.


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