Miramar is the Name of PUBG’s Desert Map! PLUS Exclusive Vehicle Announced!

PUBG’s desert map finally has a name! In a blog post on Steam, Bluehole has announced that the new desert map is called Miramar. This new map will create a whole new battle royale experience with its unique terrain and dense urban areas.

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They also shared a few details on some of the map’s key landmarks:

Los Leones – the region’s largest city, it features a City Center, numerous construction sites, and abandoned commercial buildings

El Pozo – a city known for its entertainment and industrial districts. Players can put their motorcycle skills to the test in the Death Bowl, or hunt other players in the abandoned textile factories.

Monte Nuevo – this was a besieged town, protected by ramshackle walls

Valle Del Mar – a colorful oceanside town, this is divided by the De Toro Bridge. In the West you’ll find a quaint school, while in the East a beautiful church. Control this town’s bridge, and you get to dominate your enemies

La Cobreria – Miramar’s shipping and transport capitol. Its most prominent feature is the enormous Rail Yard. Players will also find schools and campuses that they can loot from

San Martin – located just south of Hacienda Del Patrón, this once-quiet town has been transformed into a war zone by checkpoints and barriers. This town also has overlooks on both sides, so players should be careful when charging into the town

Pecado – was once a tourist destination, thanks to the casino which was considered the largest in the region. This area is where players will find high-value loot as well as dangerous sightlines.

Chumacera – the husk of Miramar’s textile industry, players will find abandoned textile factories overlooking the main road lined by commercial and residential buildings.

Have a look at some of the landmarks’ screenshots below:

Also coming to PUBG’s desert map is a new vehicle which players can only find exclusive in Miramar. The new vehicle is a pickup truck, and Bluehole has announced it along with a photo in a tweet:


We only have just a few more weeks until December ends, and possible a few more days until PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds exits Early Access. Are you excited for the new desert map? We are! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. December 7, 2017, 09:37

    Must see gameplay videos but the new map seems ok. It would be cool if we could ride in the back of the truck. 🙂


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