Xbox: New Sustainable Energy Saving Options for Consoles

19 January 2023 at 19:59 in Gaming News with no comments

Xbox consoles are the first carbon aware platforms and offer new power saving and sustainable energy options.

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    Xbox: New Energy Saving Mode    

Key Facts

  • Xbox is now the first carbon-aware console after a recent update to its software.
  • By using the Shutdown (energy saving) mode, your Xbox console can save up to 20x the power.
  • While in Shutdown, your Xbox can continue to download overnight updates to its system and games.



As part of their ongoing efforts to reduce their impact on the environment through waste reduction and software and hardware optimization, Microsoft has made the Xbox the first carbon-aware console.

  Xbox Power Saving  

The latest Xbox Insider update will see the Xbox Series X|S consoles automatically update to use its Shutdown energy-saving option, saving up to 20X the power compared to Sleep mode.

While in its Shutdown energy-saving mode, the Xbox Series X|S can still complete overnight updates to the system, games, and apps, and it will not impact the console’s performance.

As part of the update, the new Active Hours setting will be automatically enabled, allowing you to boot your Xbox quicker from Sleep.

The new options have come when the cost of living increases globally, and we assess and try to reduce our environmental impact.




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