Xbox Game Pass Will Not Replace Buying Games

15 January 2022 at 19:34 in Gaming News with no comments

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has said that the Xbox Game Pass is not a replacement to buying games, but has not ruled it out in the future.

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It’s impossible not to see that the video game industry is slowly moving towards subscription and cloud-based services.

Streaming is not a new concept, with services such as Netflix and Disney+ offering immediate access to new films and TV shows.

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Box office releases may still be popular, but more than ever, people want access to all their favorite content from home, and companies recognize the revenue potential.

The same goes for the video game industry. One notable change during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns was that there were more digital sales than physical purchases of games for the first time in history.

That change has seen Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Google, and even Netflix look to benefit by providing one-stop subscription services for gamers.

The most successful so far is the Xbox Game Pass, which offers hundreds of games, DLC, and rewards at one simple monthly price for users on Xbox and PC.

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Microsoft and Xbox have taken advantage of the success by bundling EA Play, Spotify, and Disney+ with the Xbox Game Pass.

Many would argue that there can be no replacement for buying a physical copy of a game and adding it to your collection.

And, although I agree, I would also say that platforms like Steam, Epic Games, and GOG have been slowly replacing physical libraries with digital ones for years.

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I, like many, have bought a game I already own just so that I can have it in my Steam library.

It’s all about accessibility and convenience. I’d rather sign into one app to access all my content instead of logging into multiple to play a game or talk to a friend.

In an interview, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, recently told New York Times that subscription services are growing faster than physical sales just because it’s relatively new.

That being said, Xbox has now expanded into cloud gaming, which allows subscribers to take their Xbox games anywhere and play them via tablets and mobile phones.

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As Google Stadia has discovered, cloud gaming is not quite there yet, as many find cloud gaming to suffer from latency issues, slow download speeds, and unresponsive controls.

Google Stadia may not be the success that a few thought it would be, but it has shown the power and potential of cloud gaming – with many like Microsoft believing it to be the future.

If you’re still on the fence about subscriptions and cloud gaming and you believe that nothing can replace your physical discs, well, let me end with an example of what could happen.

Soon, it may be possible for you to play your Steam library from anywhere without the need for a download.

All you would need to do is sign into your account, select a game from thousands on the Steam store page, and hit the play button. That’s instant access to any game you want.

Throw in a low-cost monthly subscription so you would not have to purchase games individually, and that is where gaming is likely to be in ten years.




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