Xbox Dominates PlayStation Store: These Games Are Beating Sony’s Exclusives

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From a recent article by Derek Strickland on TweakTown comes a very interesting image regarding the PlayStation Store. In fact, at first glance of the store dedicated to Sony’s consoles, 7 titles out of the Top 25 would belong to its direct rival, Microsoft. A result of the strategy that Microsoft has embraced in recent years to try to dominate the gaming market.

The 7 most played Microsoft games on PlayStation

Just from the article on TweakTown, we can see very interesting data regarding the current situation on the PlayStation store. In the top 25 best-selling titles, there is certainly an interesting fact about how these games are distributed.

TweakTown best selling top 25 games on PlayStation Store

Well, as already mentioned, 7 titles signed or owned by Microsoft appear on the list, occupying 28%. But not only that, in fact, the titles published by Sony appearing in the top 25 are only 5 (20%), where MLB the Show 24 is a sports-themed title that in the long run will continue to decline, while Helldivers 2, one of the most popular titles at the moment, fails to stay on the podium, remaining for now only in fifth position. Not to mention that the 24% is perfectly divided between EA and Take Two games, with 3 games each.

The 7 Microsoft titles are nothing more than some of the most played titles of the moment, with a very varied mix of genres, we have:

  • Call of Duty
  • Overwatch 2
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Fallout 4
  • Minecraft
  • Fallout 76
  • Grounded

Well, all games under the Microsoft umbrella developed by teams acquired over the years. We have Bethesda games with Fallout 4 and 76 which have seen a huge influx of players thanks to the Amazon TV series airing that has been quite successful. Two shooter games from Activision and Blizzard with the Call of Duty franchise, especially Warzone, and Overwatch 2, representing two big franchises resulting from the recent acquisition of one of the pillars of the gaming industry with Activision Blizzard. Minecraft, which despite the years remains one of the most played games by a younger generation but also Mojang as one of the first studios to be acquired by Microsoft. And finally Sea of Thieves with the 2024 edition bringing new mechanics and content, as well as Grounded, a game recently landed on PlayStation and Nintendo already in the top 25 most played games.

Microsoft’s Strategy and Sony’s answer for the future

At first glance, it seems that Microsoft’s strategy seems to be working, although the effects of this strategy are only now beginning to be seen with about 10 years of acquisitions, with Mojang itself in 2014. However, it must be considered that Microsoft is able to compete on other platforms with titles already developed before the acquisition or not completely under their directive.

In fact, it is also evident how the latest Minecraft games have not been successful, and how with Bethesda’s Starfield. The first game under Microsoft from the studio received a rather tepid response. While we have yet to see a direct response from PlayStation, it’s also clear that the Sony console group is not idling. And it is instead strengthening their catalogue with quality first party games like the immensely popular Helldivers 2, and upcoming games like Stellar Blade, and anticipated sequels like death Stranding 2, Silent Hill 2 Remake and more.

In fact, Microsoft itself seems to want to focus with Blizzard on strengthening their IPs, leaving room for the creative direction of the team for now, but it is not certain that the situation may change in light of further negative or undesired feedback from updates dedicated to World of Warcraft. It will be necessary to carefully observe the situation, but it is evident that in the long term Microsoft will remain active and will directly impact the competition with a catalog of games that continues to expand.


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