WWE 2K22 Official Trailer Shows Feature Improvements

26 November 2021 at 19:23 in Gaming News with no comments

WWE 2K22 releases in March, 2022, and Visual Concepts has released a new Hit List trailer detailing ten reasons why WWE 2K22 is different from previous titles in the series.

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WWE 2K22 promises to revitalize the franchise after previous titles have fallen short in reviews and ratings.

As part of that promise, Visual Concepts’ new feature Hit List trailer highlights the top 10 most anticipated innovations in the game.

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WWE 2K22 Hit List Top 10 Features:

  • Redesigned Gameplay Engine
  • New Controls
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Immersive Presentation
  • New WWE 2K Showcase
  • MyGM
  • MyRISE
  • Universe Mode
  • Creation Suite

MyGM looks to revive GM Mode, MyRise replaces MyCAREER, and MyFACTION is a new single-player experience.

  what are the new features in WWE 2K22?  

There are improvements for Universe Mode and Creation Suite to ensure that WWE 2K22 is the best yet and delivers a more immersive and realistic wrestling experience.

Whether these changes and improvements are enough to satisfy fans and change the recent negative views of the franchise remains to be seen.

For more information on what the game has to offer, make sure to check out the feature trailer above.




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