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Key Facts

  • WoW The War Within preorder bonus includes level 70 character boost and Dragonflight expansion across all editions of the game
  • The level 70 character boost includes level 424 gear and 5 Dragonriding mounts among others
  • The game’s Epic Edition includes Beta Access and 3-day Early Access

World of Warcraft: The War Within is the upcoming tenth expansion pack for the popular MMORPG. It marks the beginning of a new trilogy, the Worldsoul Saga, and promises to take you on an epic adventure beneath Azeroth.

The War Within takes place beneath the surface of Azeroth, where players explore the vast depths of the continent and discover new zones, including Khaz Algar, the home of the titan-forged Earthen. This expansion also introduces a new playable allied race, the Earthen, and a new hero class, the Warden.

In addition to the new continent and gameplay features, The War Within also introduces a number of new story elements. The expansion picks up where the previous expansion, Shadowlands, left off, with Anduin Wrynn and Thrall having received a vision of a great conflict brewing within Azeroth.

World of Warcraft The War Within release date is not yet set. However, it was given a rough estimate of Fall 2024.

The pre-order bonus is available on or before December 31, 2024 on the official Blizzard site as of now but that is expected to change as soon as The War Within release date is announced.


What is the WoW: The War Within preorder bonus?

Buy WoW: The War Within now to claim exclusive items, beta access, and even early access!

Like most video game releases, the preorder bonus gets bigger and better, the higher tier of edition you get. The War Within is available in three different editions (Base, Heroic, and Epic) and will have a base pre purchase bonus of WoW Dragonlight expansion, Trader’s tender (value depending on edition), and Enhanced Level 70 Character Boost.

WoW The War Within pre order character boost includes the following:

  • Raid-ready level 424 gear
  • 20 Renown with Dragonflight Factions
  • First five Dragonriding Mounts Unlocked
  • Dragon Isles in-game content

Although the Epic Edition is offered at a pretty hefty price, it does pack a serious punch with the inclusion of Beta Access and a minimum of 3 days Early Access.

Some gamers, however, are still considering if the big price jump is worth the Early Access since the endgame features like Mythic+ and weekly quests are not included. Let us know in the comments section what you think about this!

Not sure which edition to choose? Stay tuned for our detailed article on the difference and the pros/cons of the three WoW The War Within editions.


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