WoW SoD Classic Phase 3: Start Date – New Raid & Level Cap Hike Announced

27 March 2024 at 15:50 in Gaming News with no comments

Blizzard has revealed more details of what’s coming in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. Keep reading to find out the important details of the upcoming update.

WoW SoD Classic Phase 3

When does WoW SoD Classic Phase 3 start?

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 is launching on April 4 and Blizzard has released a preview of what we can expect when it goes live in WoW Classic.

The WoW SoD Phase 3 update is massive, with Blizzard showing off an impressive amount of new content coming to the MMO. The important note for us is that the level cap is rising to 50, which means we’re getting more zones, a new raid, and lots of new loot.

For the first time in Season of Discovery, you can join a 20-player raid dungeon with the addition of the Temple of Atal’Hakkar (Sunken Temple). In here, you’ll go up against eight bosses, earn rewards, and complete all-new class quests within the dungeon.

There’s also a chance to once again explore Blackrock Depths, Maraudon, and Zul’Farrak as new loot is available to find for those at max level.

Coming too are new runes for each class, with two new gear slots in helms and bracers available for you to put the new runes for extra buffs.

For those who want to try Nightmare Incursions, you’ll be able to enter through four portals found in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hinterlands, and Feralas to uncover the storyline linking the dream portals to Sunken Temple. This new event can is open to new and max level players.

And lastly, for the players who love PvP, ranks will increase to seven from 5, with 54 items and 18 accessories to earn. Blood Moon rewards are also available and there are three new currencies for you to earn, which can be spent for additional rewards.

There’s so much coming on April 4 and you can get the main points by checking out the preview video from Blizzard above.

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