Why are there more and more game remakes?

28 March 2023 at 19:42 in Gaming News with no comments

In the last years game remakes became more and more popular. But why do the studios prefer remakes and don’t simply do a next part like in the past? Now I will show you a few reasons for this.

By Kilian Kilian

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  Game Remakes  

Key Facts

  • Remakes are new versions of old games. 
  • They get more and more popular because the players like it and it’s profitable for the developers.
  • The success of past remakes has encouraged game companies to continue creating remakes.
  Resident Evil Remake  

What are remakes?


Remakes are pretty simple, they are new versions of old games. 

They are often characterised by way better graphics and a new engine which makes the game experience way nicer for the player through much less performance problems or for example new shadow effects or something like this. 

Often a Remake delivers new content to make it more interesting for people who already played the original game.


Reasons for the rise of remakes

  Final Fantasy 7  


Many players have a strong attachment to old games. Maybe they played them a few times or simply just liked them when they played them in their childhood or a long time ago.

A remake can give you the opportunity to refresh old memories without lags. Many old games aren’t even playable on new devices so you need to use emulators. 

A remake gives you the opportunity to get all these old feelings just with a little bit of an upgrade.



Yeah, money is a big reason for the companies because all these games already have a big fan base so they don’t expect it to get just a few sales.

And for them it is much less work because they already have a base game they just have to improve so it has much less production costs than generating a whole new game.


Technological progress

In the last few years consoles and PCs became a lot better so the producers don’t have to hold their graphics low.

If they would have much higher graphics 10 Years ago, nobody could play these games because they simply would have way to many performance issues but this is simply a problem of the past because all the consoles and PCs became better.

  Final Fantasy 7 Remake  

Cross-platform Games

Many old games were only published on one platform, for example they were PC exclusive.

With a remake they can optimise the game for all platforms for example for Playstation and Xbox too. 

With this they reach a much wider fanbase and many more and new players. Which weren’t able to play these games in the past and now get the opportunity.

This brings the studios more sales and more money.


It worked in the past

In the past many popular games got remakes and got many sales. It would be dumb for the studios not to take this opportunity. 

For example the remake of Resident Evil 2 in 2019 which got very good feedback from gamers and critics. It simply got new graphics and better controls and tada it worked out, many people bought and liked it. 

Or the Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020. The original game was 23 years old at this time the graphics improved a lot and the fans loved it.


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