When Does Fallout 5 Release: Why It Might Take Longer Than You Think

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The Fallout franchise is currently trending again, thanks to the recently released Fallout series. However, the last single-player game in the series is already over 8 years old. Naturally, many people are wondering when Fallout 5 will be released. Here you will find all the details.

Key Information

  • The player numbers of the Fallout games have increased significantly due to the Fallout series.
  • Fallout 5 is unlikely to be released within the next few years.
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The Fallout BOOM

The Fallout franchise is once again in the spotlight. This is all thanks to the popular Fallout TV series, currently available on Prime Video. Since its release, player numbers for Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 have skyrocketed, with Fallout 4 currently boasting over 100,000 players and Fallout 76 at 50,000. For more details about the entire Fallout universe and the series, check out our Pixel Sundays article on Fallout.

When Will Fallout 5 Be Released

Fallout 76 is the latest game in the franchise, released in 2020. However, unlike the other Fallout games, this one is not a single-player game but a multiplayer one. Players, especially at release, had to deal with many bugs. However, that has changed now, as Bethesda continues to update and improve the game. This is also one of the reasons why Bethesda will need more time to develop a new Fallout 5 game.

Emil Pagliarulo, the Studio Design Director of Bethesda, also expressed this on Twitter after a fan asked about Fallout 5. Another reason, alongside Fallout 76, is Bethesda’s latest IP, Starfield. A huge open-world space game that Bethesda has put a lot of effort into fixing technical issues and more.

Pagliarulo also cited employee involvement as a significant factor. Even though Bethesda has a large and talented team of developers, they cannot handle everything at once, further delaying the dream of an imminent Fallout 5 release.

Wann Fallout 5

One reason not explicitly mentioned but likely to play a significant role is the rocky start of Starfield and Fallout 76. Bethesda will strive to release a game that doesn’t disappoint fans at launch. And that’s better for everyone. No one wants a game full of bugs and issues at release, so we should give Bethesda time and hope for a polished game.

So, we can’t expect a release within the next two years. Some speculate on a 2025 release, but due to the reasons mentioned above, this is rather unlikely. So, unfortunately, it’s a waiting game, and in the meantime, you can play Fallout 4. Pro tip: If you get tired of Fallout 4, you can experience the game anew with mods.

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