What is Kinguin? An Introduction to the Gaming Marketplace

23 June 2023 at 21:21 in Kinguin, Merchants Hub, Overview with no comments

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What is Kinguin?


Kinguin.net is one of the leading global online marketplaces in the gaming industry. What started as a small e-commerce site in 2009 is now a legitimate and trusted gaming marketplace to buy affordable game keys. 

Since its establishment in 2013, this digital marketplace now boasts over 15 million customers worldwide and an excellent rating on Trustpilot with over 40 thousand reviews. This high trust rating and long market presence make Kinguin a favorite not only for gamers but also anyone looking for a good price for any software key. 

It has hundreds of video game titles and softwares with thousands of amazing deals from different trusted wholesalers and retailers. Kinguin practices a multi-level verification system for every seller making it a safe place to buy CD keys. 

What also makes Kinguin a great marketplace is that it accepts different payment methods which includes credit/debit cards, PayPal, crypto payment, and direct bank transfers.


How does Kinguin work?


Kinguin by itself is neither a seller nor a reseller of CD keys. It is a digital marketplace that bridges wholesalers and retailers to the buyers. 

Here is a diagram to simplify the key distribution channel as to which Kinguin is part of:

  How does Kinguin work?  

Sellers list their products on the platform, and buyers can browse and purchase these items directly from the seller. Kinguin acts as an e-commerce platform, providing a secure payment system and ensuring a smooth transaction process. They only host sellers that meet their criteria. They also publish ratings from actual customers to show shop reliability. To avoid unreliable ratings, Kinguin only shows the score when a seller successfully delivers 100 items.


Why are CD key prices cheap in Kinguin?


One of the most popular questions being asked about Kinguin is how can they sell cheap game keys? This is because sellers registered with this online marketplace buy the game keys straight from the developers and publishers in bulk. This way, they can negotiate the price with them and pass on the sale price lower. Additionally, region-based pricing allows gamers to purchase games at a lower price than they may have to pay in their own country.

And unlike distributors which have physical stores or its own website, Kinguin sellers do not have to pay for shop rent and upkeep or website development and maintenance. A very minimal service fee is added at the buyers checkout to help operate and maintain the site. 


What is a gaming marketplace?


Gaming marketplaces are designed not only to connect sellers and buyers but also to create ease of business for merchants and best price purchases for consumers. It is a secondary market for game keys, providing an alternative to purchasing directly from the publisher.

Online gaming marketplaces like Kinguin help reliable distributors sell their keys around the globe at low cost. This creates better prices and customer support gamers can rely on 24/7. And since it’s a third party platform, genuine ratings and reviews can be seen for both the game and the merchant.