Wasteland 3 Co-op: How It Works

21 August 2020 at 06:00 in Gaming News, GNews with no comments

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Wasteland 3 co-op mode is one of the features fans of the franchise is looking forward to. This mode allows you to strategically work with a partner as you take on the challenges in the wasteland of Colorado. This mode is available when the game launches 28 August for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

How many players does Wasteland 3 co-op support?

Wasteland 3’s co-op mode supports 2 players. The entire game is totally playable in co-op with one other player.


How do players split up a party of rangers?

The game lets you control a party of Rangers — up to six Rangers max in singleplayer. In co-op, the maximum number of rangers in a party is still six, and that includes you and your friend.

You are allowed to split up your party in order to complete two separate tasks (such as one player purchasing through a merchant while the other engages in a fight).


Do both players need to own the game to play Wasteland 3 co-op?

The answer is, yes. You also have to be in the same platform in order to play co-op. Cross-platform play (ie. PC to consoles) is not available at this time.


How do I start Wasteland 3 co-op?

To play Wasteland 3 in co-op, you simply need to choose Multiplayer in the menu then send the invite to your friend.


What happens to my saved progress?

Your progress will be saved in each of your systems. You may choose to continue on your own the next time you play, or wait for your friend and play together again.