VOIN Demo Live: Free to Play Until Release Date – Best Price Comparison

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VOIN is an upcoming first-person action RPG which combines fast-paced combat, exploration of a dark fantasy world, and mastery of wielding primordial elements.

You’ll be battling hordes of enemies in intense first-person hack-and-slash battles with combat focused on quick reflexes and strategic use of your abilities. One of the most interesting aspects of VOIN is its focus on elemental magic. You will be able to wield the power of primordial elements to defeat otvrats and other future enemy types.

The game also features a unique art style that combines pixelated old-school graphics with modern lighting and effects. This gives the game a distinct look that is both familiar and fresh.

How to play VOIN Demo?

Missed out on the playtest? This is your chance! Voin demo went live a few days ago and if you waited for a bit, the updated version is now up!

And for those who were able to join the playtest, you’re going to want to play this too as there are few changes implemented since then. This includes a new game onboarding level (and a huge one too), overhauled healing and movement system, unlockable skills, and the key binding system which will allow you to already customize graphical settings and gamepad controls.

All in all, you’ll get to explore 2 open-world locations with dynamic weather and day-night cycles, complete 3 main quests, and fight the final boss of the first act. Yep, that’s just the demo and it’s FREE!

When is VOIN full release?

Since VOIN is still very much in the development stage, no release date nor estimate has been announced yet. But dev Nikita is motivated in all the features and changes he wants to implement for the full game.

Voin Full Release

So it is coming, we just have to be patient. To be fair, with this much content and planned content for the demo, we may have enough to be entertained before the VOIN full release.

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