Valheim – Hearth & Home Release Date Finally Announced

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Valheim’s massive Hearth & Home update will finally release on September 16, and with it comes some important and exciting fixes.

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Valheim was an unprecedented smash hit when it launched back in February, so much so that developers Iron Gate AB were forced into putting all their efforts into fixing urgent issues rather than adding new content.

  what is Valheim Hearth & Home?  

The update adds additional content to various systems within the game and re-balances others to improve quality of life.


Food, Health, and Stamina


One of the most significant changes comes to the food system, with food now divided into three categories to cover health and stamina.

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Now, when eating, your food will have a red, yellow, or white fork icon. Eating food with a red icon will focus on increasing health, yellow will increase stamina, and a white fork indicates an equal increase in both health and stamina.

The change looks to give players better freedom over choosing a playstyle, whether that’s a stamina-based fighting style for hacking through enemies or a health-based tank for absorbing vast amounts of damage.

  valheim cooking hearth and home update  

At the moment, you can not starve in Valheim, with your health stabilizing at 25%, but that looks like it may change with the Hearth & Home update, meaning that you will no longer be able to go days without cooking.

There promises to be added food options and additional cooking station extensions, including a spice rack, pots & pans, and butcher table.

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We also know that the Hearth & Home update adds ten new recipes and the ability to plant and harvest onions.


Darkwood and Building Options


In June, Iron Gate revealed Darkwood roofs and window hatches, and those look to be finally coming into the game with the Hearth & Home update.

Many players hope that new structures, materials, furniture, and decorations will be available when the update launches.

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Iron Gate does promise more things to do in and around the home. Again there are no exact details, but it could mean recipes for the Stone Cutter and Artisan tables.

Adding additional building options makes sense as building in Valheim is celebrated as one of its best and innovative features.


Pillaging, Hoarding, and Treasure


If you have ever lived the Viking life, you know that pillaging villages and hoarding treasure are large parts of its enjoyment.

Now, there is really no point in launching raiding parties on your enemies if you can’t at least show off your hard-earned plunder.

  Valheim home & Hearth new features  

The Hearth & Home update changes that by adding the ability to stack your gold into piles. You will also soon fill treasure chests and hoard your treasure behind the newly added iron grate.

After all, what’s the point in being a Viking if you can’t proudly show off your ill-gotten loot.




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