V Rising Launch Trailer: Prepare to get hyped with best Game Key Deals

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V Rising Launch Trailer: Prepare to get hyped with best Game Key Deals

The wait is over as the Stunlock Studios team finally prepares to officially launch V Rising version 1.0. Their highly popular vampire-themed open-world hack & slash game is finally leaving Early Access and bringing numerous new gameplay contents.

V Rising: When is version 1.0 releasing

The official release date of V Rising has been set for 8th May 2024, celebrating the two years of game development, released on 17th May 2022. Accompanied by an explosive action-packed trailer showcasing the full version of the game. But that’s not all because right at the end of the trailer, Stunlock Studios team also confirms a new DLC arriving on 8 May as well. We’re talking about a fantastic collaboration bringing a series of Castlevania-themed contents.

The Legacy of Castlevania DLC includes:

  • 5 Armor pieces based on the attire of the legendary Alucard
  • 3 Shapeshifter Forms: Maria Renard, Soul of the Wolf, and Flea Man
  • 1 Mount: Rowdain’s Steed
  • 4 Hairstyles based on the two Lecarde Sisters and two Succubus variants
  • 5 Statues: Maria, Alucard, Evolved Being, Bone Trophy, and Angelic Statue
  • Numerous furnishings based on the Castlevania franchise

What’s new in V Rising 1.0 and how to find the best prices on Keys

Fantastic news for dedicated V Rising fans as they will finally see V Rising release in version 1.0. The launch version brings many new additions such as The Ruins of Mortum, a new gameplay area focusing on none other than Dracula’s legions, serving as an end-game area with numerous resources and loot. Farbane Woods hide new additions where we will discover more about Dracula’s legend and end. As well as the addition of Traveler’s Cargoes bringing precious goods ready to be plundered and visual additions throughout Vardoran, bringing a more thrilling visual experience.

Dracula the new enemy of V Rising

Certainly, there are also quality of life improvements, with 3 Difficulty levels for those seeking a challenge or those who prefer a more relaxed game. And of course, combat receives a significant improvement, thanks to the magic system unlockable in a more versatile way to the gameplay style, many new weapons like Whip and Bow to which legendary variants will also be added.

A hefty update that brings the announcement of V Rising’s imminent arrival on PlayStation 5, but also the announced price increase last month which saw the price rise from 19,99€ to 34,99€. But with Allkeyshop, it’s still possible to save on V Rising, being able to get the game for less than 20€! But we recommend acting fast before prices go up.


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