UFL – New Football Game to Compete Against FIFA and eFootball

3 September 2021 at 19:38 in Gaming News with no comments

UFL, a new football game from developers, Strikerz Inc., was announced during gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live! and hopes to compete with FIFA and eFootball.

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Currently, it seems every sports video game demands a premium price; before asking for more through microtransactions so that you can stay competitive.

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Fortunately for us and the genre, it seems as though UFL is looking to be the exception.

Strikerz Inc. announced their new game via gamescom 2021 and revealed that it’s free-to-play and will feature no pay-to-win mechanics.

The developers hope that the lack of pay-to-win will help see the game compete against big-hitters EA and Konami and their FIFA and eFootball games.

The cinematic trailer didn’t reveal too much, and there is no gameplay footage yet, but Strikerz Inc. promises regular updates and additional content at no cost.

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It’s an ambitious undertaking for a new IP, mainly when the game will launch with 5,000 licensed players thanks to their partnership with FIFPRO.

You can purchase and trade players for your club, although details on how are yet to be revealed.

  when does UFL come out?  

There is no news currently on what licenses the game will have, whether it’s players, leagues, or teams.

Presumably, though, with the licenses it already has, you can expect some form of microtransactions, although, at the moment, it looks like they could be entirely cosmetic.




There is no official release date for UFL just yet, but Strikerz Inc. have confirmed that they plan to launch the game on Xbox and PlayStation, and are looking at maybe releasing it for PC in the future.

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