Ubisoft+: How to Save Money on Games without Owning Them

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Key Facts

  • Ubisoft+ Multi-Access and PC Access is now Ubisoft+ Premium
  • Ubisoft+ Classics, previously part of PS Plus Extra and Premium, is now available on PC too
  • Activision Blizzard catalog is still underway and will be added soon
    Ubisoft+ 2024 Price  

It’s no secret that gaming subscription was a game changer the first time it launched. And now that, basically anything subscription, is the trend, Ubisoft is adapting to cater to new needs and evolving its services that make more sense now.

It’s not even just offering different price points for Ubisoft but rather the behavior of their consumers. Instead of classifying just by platform access, the company is offering premium access to their new releases and then access to their popular long-standing classic games. This gives gamers the option on what type of games they feel more comfortable paying for.

Which brings to the infamous “comfortable with not owning their games” line. Although it does feel a bit weird hearing those words together, the fact that almost everyone has Netflix or HBO or Prime Video subscriptions, the line shouldn’t really feel alien. Because, well it’s basically the same thing. And it does make sense.

  Ubisoft+ 2024 Games  

If you were to buy all the games you have access to now with the subscription you have, you’ll have to pay with an arm and a leg pretty quickly. Plus, with the large catalog of these subscriptions, you get to play games you normally wouldn’t get off the rack and wouldn’t worry about a few euros to “try” a game.

All these, Ubisoft understood. And that’s why the company decided to revamp their subscription plans and offer a product that makes sense.


What is Ubisoft+ Premium?

Ubisoft+ Premium is the latest subscription plan of the platform and is the rebranded joint plan of both Ubisoft+ Multi-Access and PC Access. Subscribers of this Premium have access to day-one releases and early access when applicable.

And because it’s Premium, you also get to play DLCs and premium editions of games, get monthly rewards, and enjoy exclusive discounts and deals.

Ubisoft+ Premium price is set at 17.99€ per month, the same price Ubisoft+ Multi Access was. As for current subscribers of PC Access, you can enjoy your previous monthly of 14.99€ until your plan expires.

  Ubisoft+ 2024 Price    

What is Ubisoft+ Classics?

If you have Playstation Plus Extra pr Premium/Deluxe subscription, then you know and have experienced the fun and nostalgia Ubisoft Classics has to offer.

Now, even PC users can enjoy this curated selection of Ubisoft’s popular backlog games. Get ready to spend hours on games like Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry 6, and Watch Dogs: Legion. The catalog will grow bigger as time goes by and more games reach “classic” status.

Ubisoft+ Classics is 7.99€ per month and has access to standard editions of the games.


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