Twitch’s New Discovery Feed Lets You SWIPE Through Streams Like TikTok

22 April 2024 at 17:48 in Gaming News with no comments

New Twitch discovery feed to roll out late this month as the streaming service looks to improve its user experience.

Explore streams on Twitch Discovery Feed

Swipe through Twitch streams

Streaming giant Twitch is about to take inspiration from TikTok and YouTube by implementing the Twitch Live Feed and Clips Feed, allowing users to scroll through livestreams and clips much more easily.

The change will happen on mobile first, and some have already been testing it out since August last year. Viewers will now be able to scroll through streams and clips, with a thumbs up and thumbs down buttons available to help the algorithm better improve the viewer’s personal experience with future recommended content.

Twitch Stream Discovery

Viewers can browse the new Live and Clip feeds by selecting the tabs at the top of the mobile app. The Clips Feed shows if the streamer is live at the time, allowing the viewer to head directly into the stream.

Some may wonder whether the new features will help small streamers find more viewers and grow their channel. Although many will still only watch their usual streamers, there is a chance the Clips Feed will help small streamers get discovered. The speed and ease of scrolling will mean much content is available without having to click on a streamer’s page or profile.

The new feeds will roll out across mobile by the end of April, and those using the Twitch app can expect to see their app updated in the coming days.

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