Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator Early Access Started Today

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Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator Early Access starts today. Grab your cheapest key now via Allkeyshop and begin a breathtaking railway journey across Russia.

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Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator puts you in the role of a train driver on the longest railway in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway. The railway route is the Novosibirsk-Zapadny-Litvinovo one, approximately 220 km long. The game will feature it on a 1:1 scale with three modes available: Story, Survival, and Simulator.

As you traverse the harsh Siberian landscape, you need to contend with the elements, including wild animals, frigid temperatures, and mechanical breakdowns. The game also features a survival element so you’ll need to manage your supplies and keep yourself warm in order to make it to your destination.

Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator Launch

Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator is releasing in a few hours and waiting fans are eager to know what level of launch discount the game was able to meet.

Just having a launch discount is great news but the wait becomes even more exciting with the discount challenge. The highest we can get is 12% and that’s if the game reaches 20k followers in its Steam community group and the wishlist count’s 155k. There’s also the standard 10% discount which we will get if the followers hit 18k and wishlist count of 148k. Finally, there’s an 8% launch discount if the community group gets 18k and the wishlist to 142k. Of course the higher the better but we’re just glad that a discount will be available for such a great game.

There is no roadmap published yet or an estimate as to when a full release can be possible. Like almost all EA games, it depends on the feedback they get and the planned features they want to implement.

Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator officially released on May 30, 2024 for PC via Steam. It is supported in 13 languages, although the audio is only in Russian. As for the console version, it has not been announced or hinted even, as of writing.

Where to play Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator for free?

There is more than one way to play the Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator for free. The game’s demo was the first one to be released and although it’s close to being a year since then, it is still live on Steam and available for download. Before the demo’s release, a couple of demo playtests were hosted which lucky gamers were able to participate in too.

Similar “strategy” was done with the game’s prologue. The Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator prologue also had a couple of playtests and was later released on Steam. It will let you experience 7km of the railway which is good enough considering it’s free. In comparison, the Early Access version of the game currently has 220km.

It’s quite an interesting way of promotion as a good amount of the game has been given away for “free”. It worked well though as a lot of gamers got hooked and were excited for its release. It also did its purpose of getting feedback from players and is now the best version it can be to date. Hopefully, more feedback comes in so we can see the full version soon!

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