Today’s Best CD Key Store Discounts (4 August 2020)

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We’ve got the best discounts for video games right here, right now! Check out our list, and save more in your CD key purchase!

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Best Discounts (4 August 2020)

Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Pathfinder: Kingmaker CD Key Compare Prices

Jump into the first cRPG set in the Pathfinder tabletop universe, featuring renowned storyteller Chris Avellone and composer Inon Zur.

Go on an adventure of exploration and conquest across the Stolen Lands in an RPG experience inspired by classics like Baldur’s Gate and Arcanum.

Choose from different abilities and classes, gear up with dozens of weapons and items, and toggle freely between real-time and turn-based tactical combat when dealing with enemies. Manage your kingdom to support your campaign and establish your reign.


WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship


WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship CD Key Compare Prices

Experience the most challenging motor racing competition in the world.

Enjoy the most immersive racing experience thanks to the dynamic weather system with realistic effects to road conditions. Choose between 50 teams, 14 rallies and over 100 special stages.

Jump into Career mode to build your legacy while managing your entire team, from calendar and staff management to research and development.

Go online to play against other racers or take on weekly challenges.


Surviving Mars


Surviving Mars CD Key Compare Prices

It’s time to claim the Red Planet for humanity!

Build a sustainable colony on Mars, in an environment normally uninhabitable for humans. Plan the colony layout, research different technologies, and explore the far reaches of Mars to discover its secrets.

Each colonist is individually simulated, with their behavior influenced by their needs and the colony’s condition. Remember, it’s all about the survival of your colonists.


Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville


Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville CD Key Compare Prices

The endless battle between your favorite botanical wonders and comically relentless undead reaches new heights in Neighborville.

Go online with friends and show off your skills across 6 PvP modes that feature up to 24-player skirmishes. Choose from over 20 fully customizable classes, including new Team Play classes for each side.

Head out to the new free-roam areas for new adventures or team up with up to 3 friends in the new Giddy Park social region.