Today’s Best CD Key Store Discounts (25 July 2020)

25 July 2020 at 05:03 in Deals with 3 comments

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We’ve got the best discounts for video games right here, right now! Check out our list, and save more in your CD key purchase!

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Best Discounts (25 July 2020)

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium puts you in the shoes of a detective in this unique open world RPG. You are tasked with solving a murder mystery, however, you also have amnesia caused by drugs and alcohol. The game features no combat, but you would have to resolve events through dialogue and skill checks.

Interact with different characters, explore the city, and find out memories of your past. You have the choice to put your energy into solving the murder case, or take on side cases.


Green Hell

Green Hell CD Key Compare Prices

Can you survive in extreme conditions? Green Hell brings you to the Amazonian rainforest, with no food and equipment — you will need to find your way out and survive.

Fight for survival by building shelters, making tools, and crafting weapons which you can use to hunt for food and defend yourself. Fight wild animals, tropical illnesses, and even your own mental battles. The game features real-life survival techniques, including treatment for diseases, injuries, and wounds.



CODE VEIN CD Key Compare Prices

The world has fallen. The Great Collapse spawned monsters called Lost, and to fight them off, humanity created Revenants, which are corpses brought back to life thanks to a parasitic heart implant that makes it beat again.

Unlock your past and escape the living nightmare that is the city of Vein. Team up with those you meet on the way, and go on a journey through dungeons. Level up your very own Revenant and acquire new gear to defeat the Lost once and for all.



Blasphemous CD Key Compare Prices

You are The Penitent One, a sole survivor of the Silent Sorrow massacre, who’s trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. Explore Blasphemous’ nightmarish world as you face enemies and overcome deadly traps. Unleash the power of your Mea Culpa, and slash your way against anyone standing between you and your goal — it’s gonna be brutal and bloody!