Titanfall 3 Leaked By a Picture?

12 May 2022 at 19:55 in Gaming News with no comments

A picture taken in GameStop Germany is circulating the internet and is hinting at the possible leaked announcement of Titanfall 3.

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EA and Respawn Entertainment are yet to announce anything about Titanfall 3, even with rumors escalating.

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The most recent “leak” comes from a GameStop customer who uploaded a picture from a GameStop in Germany of a Titanfall 3 box alongside other upcoming games.

The picture shows Dragon Age 4, FIFA 23, The Elder Scrolls 6, and Titanfall 3.

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It may be important to add here that you can pre-order games at GameStop that have no confirmed release date.

That means that GameStop, like many key sellers and online stores, features pre-orders for games yet to be announced officially by developers and publishers.

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EA has confirmed that developer Respawn Entertainment is working on three new Star Wars games and an all-new single-player adventure game.

So, Titanfall 3 may not be officially confirmed by EA or Respawn Entertainment, but there’s always a chance we could hear about it in the coming months.




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