Things to consider before buying a game.

By Newscaster on January 1, 2018 Advice, FAQ Allkeyshop with No Comments offers the best sellers for all your games with the cheapest price. Buying games is made easy on our website, however we have a few reminders and tips before you make that purchase to avoid any problems regarding your game in the future. Below are some helpful tips and steps on how you can prevent possible issues with your purchase. 1. Before you make a purchase, it is advisable that you make an account on the website you want to purchase the game. Advantages of making an account.

-Easier access to customer support. -Your purchase history and activity on the site will always be available for you to access. -Some websites sends the game code on your account within the site. -Some websites exclusively give promos and discounts to registered users. 2. Always check the Game for the region restriction if it can be activated and is available to play in your country. -Some games are not region free and have limitations on countries that it can be played and activated. Here is an example of checking the Region restriction of a game.

The game can only be activated in EU

3. Check the platform of the game you want to buy. (Steam, Origin, Uplay or GOG)

-Make sure that the one you’re buying is the one you want which is suited for the specific platform that you choose.

An example of this is GTA 5 which can be activated on Rockstar Social Club or Steam

4. Check for the “System Requirements” of the game if your PC or Console is capable of running the game.

-You can check the system requirements of the game on the page itself on the “Config” Tab

-You can also check the requirements on the sellers website under “System Requirements“.

5. Don’t forget to visit the “Activation Details” tab for a detailed explanation on how you can install the game once you got the Game code you have purchased.

6. Before you check out with your purchase, be sure to use the discount coupon to maximize the price of the game.

-Most of our sellers can be used with a discount coupon.

7. Don’t forget to check for all the payment options if it is available for you to use.

-Be sure to use the one that will be easier for you to access.

8. If it is your first time to purchase on a specific seller, there are instances that they will require you to submit some ID’s and pictures to prove your identity as the owner of the  account or credit card.

-This is for them to secure the users account if he/she is really the owner or the one who will purchase the product.

-Sellers do this to protect the customers from identity theft.

-We guarantee that all information shared between you and the seller (photos,images) will be confidential and will not be shared in anyway.

9. Don’t forget to write your Order ID and Transaction # as soon as the purchase is successful.

-This is for you to keep track of your order and it can also be used as proof of your purchase.

That’s it! Buying games is easy using’s price comparison system where you can find the best Game Key stores at the lowest price!

  *If you need further assistance or have any other questions you can contact us through our live chat support (bottom right) or email us, we will be more than happy to help you.