The Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks

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The Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks
Allkeyshop presents you with a list of tips and tricks to make your gaming life easier for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks will help you with some basic tips that will help ease your trouble in going through the stages. 
Here are a list of tips and tricks that can help you in advance in the game way easier:
  • You can change the difficulty at any time (even in combat).
  • Collect everything. You will need them for crafts and alchemy.
  • Do not sell your departure armor. You can improve it through crafting.
  • Use directions. It will allow you to see what you can pick up in the place.
  • You can craft armor at the blacksmith / gunsmith. His skill level will determine what armor he can craft.
  • Weapons can be improved through runes, while the armor is improved with glyphs. If you decide to remove a rune / glyph on your equipment, you should choose what you want to keep, the object or the improved materials.
  • Alcohol is important. You can use it to fill your potions after use.
  • When you drink a lot of potions, pay attention to your level of toxicity if it is too high, you lose life.
  • Be sure to always have a monster equipped Trophy, this will give you a free bonus.
  • You can eat food to heal you, it will not work as well as potions, but it is free and there are many.
  • Some monsters only come out during the day and others at night.
  • If you go near a point of interest, you will be be visible on the map.
  • Do not ignore quests and do not keep them for later, that could trigger your demise.
  • Go see the scoreboards, that will show points of interest .
  • Certain objects can be destroyed with the Aard sign.
  • Remember the keys. They will be repeated frequently, but that will not help you when you’re cornered.
  • Instead of playing the ace poker, you can play Gwynt a strategic card game about war.
  • If they see you committing a crime, the guards will attack you, and it’s better not continue it. They will arrest you and take half your money.
  • Meditation will heal your wounds, but you cannot do it while being attacked.
  • You cannot change the keys in the game, however you can change them in the configuration file.

Storyline tips  
  • Listen carefully to the dialogue.
  • Remember that the choice you make will have an impact, even outside of the quest in progress.
  • If it has an important word, write it – the previous game questions will exercise your ritual of memory.
  • Axii signs work well, but do not help you make friends.
  • The yellow dialogues are those that advance the conversation (they can be mutually exclusive) Those in gray are only there to gather information. Those in dark gray are the ones you’ve already used.
  • There will be a countdown, which will urge you to make a choice. Try to stay calm in these moments.
  • Things are not always what they seem. Get the idea that people will lie to you.
  • Romance is important in the game. If you sleep with a character, that may change your relationship with another.
The Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks
Fighting Tips  
  • Even if you do not invest points in your signs, use them as soon as you can. A little bit of fire damage, it’s better than nothing at all.
  • You will do more damage in a horse, but keep an eye on the gauge of fear.
  • Oils and bombs are great even if you have not installed your alchemy skills.
  • Look for the weaknesses of your enemies in the bestiary. Whatever approach you choose, it will always be at least one that you can use.
  • Try not to find yourself surrounded, or at the vortex.
  • Constantly move.
  • Remember to dodge, but do not be shy – the game rewards the aggressive players by adrenaline points that increase your damage.
  • Pay attention to the sustainability of your equipment. A damaged armor does not protect much, and a blunt sword will not cut well.
  • The crossbow can be used to bring down an enemy in the air, but it can also be used to attack the remote ground enemies. That’s a lot less damage than swords, but it is safer. You can also craft different varieties of tips for it – explosive, causing bleeding, homing, etc.
  • Use your environment whenever possible – Marsh have highly flammable gas, for example.
The Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks
How to earn money  
  • Doing side quests is a good way to get rich.
  • Witchers contracts often give a reward.
  • Selling items that you do not use will not make you a millionaire, but it is more helpful.
  • Diving and navigation allow you to find smugglers caches, containing treasures to sell, or money.
  • You will find treasures, guarded by monsters. It is worth to kill them, because you can find special items that will earn you money.
  • There are several currencies in The Witcher 3, but the merchants will only accept crowns. You will need to exchange your Orins Guilders and Vivaldi to the bank Novigrad – This is the building with the coin above the door.
The Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks
Character improvement tips  
  • Visit places of power as much as you can – each one will give you a skill point.
  • Try not to invest in one group capability – it’s good to diversify; each skill is a new tool available. You can also test your skills with the Talent Calculator.
  • On the other hand, you will still need to specialize – Knowing that skill points are limited.
  • Always try to combine mutagenic your active skills, grouping them by color.
  • Spend your active skills points depending on the situation.
  • General skills give better bonuses, but do not work with mutagens.
  • If you do not have a lot of active skills, it is preferable to increase a skill you already have rather than a new release.
  • If there is a merchant who sells a potion to reallocate your skill points, buy it

Travel tips  
  • You can quickly travel from a quick trip to the crossroads, but the road holds many surprises and treasures.
  • Do not be stingy on the equipment of your horse – you’ll need a fast and reliable mount.
  • You can find a horse bag that enlarges the size of your inventory by participating in horse racing.
  • The sirens and other aquatic creatures can damage your boat.
  • If you gallop your horse, it will automatically follow the road.
  • You can select a quest in your journal, and games will show you the location of the quest, and a quick way to go.
The Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks