The Top 5 Hardest 99s to Achieve in OSRS

28 February 2020 at 11:46 in Allkeyshop Gaming News with no comments

Achieving 99s in OSRS is a strenuously time-consuming experience. Maxing out certain levels is a luxury that many people can ill afford, given the time it takes to accomplish such feats, especially if you have to fit your gaming time around a busy lifestyle. If you are looking to take a break from earning as much OSRS Gold as possible or whatever task you are currently up to, then you may want to know which skills are the hardest for you to max out. Some, as predicted, are more difficult than others, so with that in mind, the following are the 99s that you should try to focus on.

There are several variables to look at when trying to figure out which 99s are the hardest to reach. For example, you will need to look at how well you are using your time—as in how efficient your method is working. You will also need to take note of how many AFK tasks are involved, plus the time it takes for grinding. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly to some, how much it will cost.

The Top 5 Hardest 99s to Achieve in OSRS Construction

The construction skill can prove to be really difficult to reach 99 in. It may come as a surprise to some that there was a point not long ago when Construction had the 2nd-lowest number of players who managed to hit 99 in the whole game. Needless to say, it was rather time-consuming for many.

Roughly, hitting 99 in the Construction skill will set you back around 16.5 hours. It also has a high click intensity and the least AFK tasks out of all the others. So understandably, it isn’t going to rank as high on the list as others. What is worth mentioning is that the construction method can prove to be quite expensive, especially if you are using mahogany items, which will cost you around 15GP per hour. There is a cheaper method using oak larders, but even at half the price of mahogany, it still can rack up.


There is a rather eye-watering amount of hours you will need to put in if you are to reach 99 in your fishing skill. In fact, players can expect to put in over 138 hours into the skill using the barbarian fishing method. Needless to say, that is quite a lot of your spare time.

Fishing is also a very click intensive method that can prove to be tedious for many, given how long it actually takes to perform. This is only for using the 3-tick method, whereas 4-tick fishing can surpass 170 hours for you to reach 99. Meanwhile, the 5-tick method can take longer, but it is an AFK method which is strongly recommended over 4-tick. Although fishing doesn’t cost you anything, and can grab yourself some profitable catches, it will expectedly overtake the amount of hours that have been previously stated.


The art of Runecrafting deserves a high spot on any list of the hardest skills for you to reach 99 with. Even though it doesn’t take as long as others, with resources stating that you are looking at just over the 200-hour mark to hit the max, there are several variables that can go wrong in this method.

For example, cocking up pouch repairs, teleports and more can affect the amount of experience that you will receive. Like a number of other skills, some of which are on this list, Runecrafting is not an AFK task. As such, it forces you to get your clicking finger working overtime. Ultimately, when the method is as it is, it can prove to be a really boring task to perform. You’ll find it hard to keep your concentration up over the course of the 200 hours required to grind. Cost-wise, you are looking at 3GP/XP for Lava Runes, so you could be racking up a bill for nearly 40M GP in total.


If you were hazarding a guess at what skills would appear on this list, then it was more than likely that Agility was on your mind. Out of all the skills that are difficult to reach 99 at, this sits in snugly around third place.

What’s more, out of all the skills available for you to grind, Agility takes the 2nd longest, clocking in at nearly 208 hours of gameplay. Another reason that it makes this list is the tedious grinding that is required for you to get to 99, something that is quite the consensus within the RuneScape community. It can also be disheartening due to the fact that it has one of the lowest max XP in the game, only granting you 55-60,000XP per hour.


If you were to guess what the hardest skill to hit 99 would be, then odds are that Mining would have made it on there too. This is due once again to the simple reason that it is extremely tedious to max out. So much so that developers have updated Mining methods several times possibly in an attempt to make it slightly more interesting for players to try and grind.

While the amount of hours needed sits around the 130 mark, which is sometimes significantly lower than other skills to reach 99, it can feel like much longer due to the tasks that you have to perform. This is because 3-tick Mining is not an AFK task, leaving players with a whole lot of clicking to do.

These five skills are without a doubt some of the hardest for players to reach 99. They can be extremely time-consuming and cost you your precious OSRS Gold in a number of instances. However, you will find yourself on a rather elite list of those who have managed to max out these skills, if you have the spare time to do it in.