The Elder Scrolls Online: Scribes of Fate is Just the Beginning

29 March 2023 at 15:56 in Gaming News with no comments

The Online Game of the Elder Scrolls Series from Bethesda gets a lot of content all the time, now they’ve released a new DLC, Scribes of Fate.

By Kilian Kilian

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  The Elder Scrolls Online    

Key Facts

  • The Scribes of Fate storyline DLC is now available for PC/Mac and ill be released on Xbox and Playstation on 28th March.
  • It’s the first DLC of a new Story arc.
  • The DLC features two new challenging dungeons.
    The Elder Scrolls Online  

New DLC delivers lots of new content and this will not be the last


The Elder Scrolls Online gets a lot of new content all the time. With this DLC they now start their 7th Story arc: Shadow Over Morrowind. 

This is just the beginning of much new content for the Shadow Over Morrowind arc. In 2023 will come much more DLCs with much more content.

Now they have released the new storyline Scribes of Fate which is now available for PC/Mac. The DLC will be available on Xbox and Playstation on 28. March.   

You can buy the DLC for 1500 Crowns which cost around 12.99 on Steam/Bethesda but you can buy them cheaper on Allkeyshop.

  The Elder Scrolls Online  

The newest DLC requires you to engage in a time-bending fight to safeguard the soul of a cult of Daedric origins.

The DLC contains two new challenging dungeons which you can discover solo or better with your friends. 

The first dungeon is “Scrivener’s Hall” where you infiltrate the place to assist an exiled leader of the scribes and help to find a Daedric artefact, but this won’t be an easy way.

The second one is the town “Bal Sunnar” where you have to fight against magical creatures and try to find their source. This isn’t possible just in the present so you have to go through the past and maybe the future to locate it.


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