The Country Where MMO Gold Farming Pays For Food

14 May 2022 at 19:51 in Gaming News with no comments

Gold farming in MMOs is nothing new, and many see it as a severe problem, but for some, gold farming and power leveling are the only way to pay bills and buy food.

By    Daniel

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Gold farming is a massive industry within gaming in which people aggressively collect and amass vast amounts of in-game currency to sell for real-world money.

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The gold farming business has grown huge in the last 20 years as MMO player levels increase and people search for instant in-game success.

Gold farming is often done by automated bots that stay logged in 24/7, completing dungeons for gear, resources, and gold.

One of the biggest problems with gold farming is that it drives up in-game prices and inflates in-game economies.

To battle gold farming, many companies, such as Blizzard, now sell items such as tokens that are bought with real-world money and exchanged for in-game currency.

This has helped MMOs stabilize their economies and given players an alternative and legitimate way to earn in-game gold without the fear of scams.




Venezuela’s recent political and economic woes forced many to flee the country for a better life.

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Those who stayed found themselves having to find ways to earn money as jobs were either unavailable or didn’t pay enough to buy food or afford bills.

Many turned to gold farming in games such as WoW and Runescape to earn money for their families.

They could sell that gold via websites and other means for real-world money or even cryptocurrency by earning enough gold.

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Unfortunately, in 2019, Venezuela hit the news worldwide after significant nationwide blackouts hit the country from power cuts due to underfunding and mismanagement.

The power cuts hit gold farmers and still do affect them, as they cannot connect to the game without power.

And without power and the ability to farm gold and sell it, they cannot earn money to help their families eat and pay essential bills.

So, for you and I, gold farming is an annoyance and rightly banned and against an MMO’s ToS, but for others, particularly in developing countries, it’s a means to survival.

Fortunately for those needing it, gold farming will always exist as long as people want to shortcut their way to the top in a video game.

And, if it helps people to survive in the real world, maybe gold farming and power leveling aren’t all that bad.




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