The Best Free Games of the Day (15 August 2020)

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Free games? We got it right here! Today’s free games come from different genres, and we’re pretty sure will entertain you for hours. Get them while they’re still up for grabs!

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The Best Free Games of the Day (15 August 2020)

Remnant from the Ashes


Remnant from the Ashes free

An ancient evil from another dimension has left the world in ruins and overrun by deadly creatures. Jump into otherworldly realms and alternate realities in search of where the evil came while scavenging resources and fighting off monsters to survive. Enjoy challenging but rewarding battles with tough enemies and epic bosses. Recruit up to two other players to join your adventures in online co-op.


The Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder Scrolls Online free

Step into the world of Tamriel and embark on an adventure in a rich, living online world. Create your character with a wide array of customization options. Play the way you like by combining different types of gear and abilities. Join friends and other adventurers to complete quests, events, and even take part in massive PvP battles with hundreds of players.


The Alto Collection


The Alto Collection free

Go on an epic snowboarding and sandboarding adventure across endless deserts and snow-capped mountains. This collection includes both Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey, giving players over 120 levels to play through, 360 goals to complete, 7 unique characters to play as, and dozens of upgrades to unlock.


Portal Knights


Portal Knights free

Become a Portal Knight and save a dying world ravaged by the Fracture and under siege by the Hollow King. Build structures and craft furniture and decorations with classic voxel-based systems. Gather resources, craft tools, and let your creativity run wild. Choose your class — Warrior, Mage or Ranger, then customize your appearance, abilities, talents and gear. Action RPG style combat lets you face off with enemies in real-time. Prove your mettle against vicious creatures and the dangerous Greatbeasts.