Team17 Bundle with The Escapist, Moving Out, and much more starting from €4,61

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Team17 Bundle

Right now, you can find the Team17 Bundle on Humble Bundle. This bundle offers everything from relaxed golf games to adrenaline-filled FPS, so there’s something for everyone. You can find more details about this bundle here.

Main Information

  • You can find the Team Bundle on Humble Bundle starting from €4.61.
  • This bundle includes between 3 and 7 games from Team17.
  • The best price for individual games can be found on AllKeyShop.

Team17 Bundle

Team17 Bundle

The Team17 Bundle includes games from the publisher Team17. Some games in the bundle were even developed by Team17 themselves. This bundle truly has everything: single-player, platformers, big multiplayer party games, shooters, and more.

Team17 Bundle

The bundle comes in a total of 4 sizes. The smallest bundle includes 3 games and 2 discount codes for €4.61. Next up is a slightly larger bundle with 5 games plus the 2 discount codes for €9.23. The 2nd largest bundle includes two additional games, totaling 7 for €13.85. Lastly, there’s the complete bundle, which includes two discount codes and 8 games for €18.47.

What games are in the smallest Team17 Bundle?

The smallest bundle includes a total of 5 items, but only 3 are games and 2 are discount codes. The cost is €4.61. The included items are:

  • The Escapists 2
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • Moving Out
  • DREDGE – 35% discount coupon
  • Undead Inc. – 10% discount coupon

What games are in the middle bundle?

The Middle Bundle includes a total of 7 products. This bundle size costs you €9.23. So, in addition to the two from the small bundle, two more are added, which are:

  • Neon Abyss: Deluxe Edition
  • Worms W.M.D

What games are in the large bundle?

The Large Bundle includes a total of 9 items for a price of €13.85. So, in addition to the items from the middle bundle, two new ones are added, which are:

  • Headbangers: Rhythm Royale
  • Gord

What games are in the complete Team17 bundle?

The complete bundle contains a total of 10 items, just one more game than the middle bundle. The cost for this bundle increases to €18.47. The game added is:

  • Trepang2

The Deal

The deal on Humble Bundle unfortunately only runs until May 23rd, so you need to act fast. Many of these games, like The Escapist 2 or Golf with your Friends, are best played with some friends, so be sure to let them know. As always with Humble Bundle, a portion of the sales goes to a good cause. This time, the donations go to the “Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund” and “The Able Gamers Foundation”. In total, over €20,000 in donations have already been generated through sales.

What if I don’t want the whole bundle?

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve compared the bundles from Humble Bundle with prices at AllKeyShop. You’ve also seen that you can get some of the bundles slightly cheaper at AllKeyShop. But even if you only want a single game, you can save a lot with AllKeyShop. So, you’re not reliant on buying the entire bundle. Start saving now with AllKeyShop.


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