Tales of the Shire: Farming Simulator in Tolkien’s World Gets First Trailer

14 April 2024 at 12:57 in Gaming News with 2 comments
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A new game in the Lord of the Rings universe will soon reveal new details, namely Tales of the Shire. This game takes a completely different approach than all the action RPG Lord of the Rings games. Here you’ll find out everything we know so far and details about the upcoming trailer.

Main Information

  • The first trailer for Tales of the Shire will be released on April 22.
  • Get ready for a relaxing game set in the heart of the Shire.

What is Tales of the Shire

Tales of the Shire is a new game set in the popular Lord of the Rings universe. However, as mentioned earlier, it aims to take a different approach than the previous games. Instead of thrilling battles, you’ll experience the relaxed lifestyle of the hobbits. Accordingly, the game is set in the Shire, bringing a very laid-back atmosphere.

Tales of the Shire

Unfortunately, there are hardly any details about this game yet, but there are many speculations. Since hobbits’ lives often revolve around food, it’s likely that we can expect a game similar to Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. So, pure relaxation. This game will be perfect for playing and relaxing from the couch.

This game is being developed by Weta Workshop. This company has also contributed props and creatures for the Lord of the Rings films. So, this studio knows exactly what it’s doing and will perfectly capture the beloved Lord of the Rings flair. More details about the game itself will become clearer with the first official trailer.

Tales of the Shire Trailer

So far, there hasn’t been a proper trailer, except for the teaser and a 7-second snippet. The teaser is already 6 months old and shows nothing but some beautiful artworks. And even the new seven-second clip, which was released on Twitter, is unfortunately less informative.

But the first official trailer is already on its way. On April 22, it will finally be revealed what Tales of the Shire is really about and what the gameplay will be like. So if you’re interested in this game, be sure to watch the trailer on April 22.

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