Sword of Legends Online – Which Edition to Choose

2 June 2021 at 19:00 in Editions with no comments

If you are looking at buying Sword of Legends Online when it releases this summer, but you don’t know which edition to purchase, we got all the details of each one right here.

By Windfell

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Sword of Legends Online launches in summer 2021 and is available for Microsoft Windows, and there are three editions. Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition.


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Pre-Order Bonuses

All of the editions below come with the following additional bonuses if you pre-order Sword of Legends Online.

  • Closed Beta Access
  • Early Access to Create Your Character and Secure Your Name
  • Lucky Cat Mask
  • Founder Title
  • Founder Flag


Standard Edition

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  • Base game


Deluxe Edition

Sword of Legends Deluxe Edition CD Key Best Deals

  • Base Game
  • Golden Weapon Skin
  • Golden Costume


Collector’s Edition

Buy Sword of Legends Collector's Edition Game Code

  • Base Game
  • Golden Weapon Skin
  • Golden Costume
  • Assassin Costume
  • Fiery Wings (Flying Mount)
  • Fancy Housing Bundle

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