Sweden Joins the Fray in Civilization 6 Gathering Storm

16 January 2019 at 16:03 in Gaming News with no comments
Civilization 6 Gathering Storm  

The latest trailer released by Firaxis for the upcoming Civilization 6 expansion, Gathering Storm, tells us all about Sweden. If building massive armies and conquering foreign lands isn’t really your style, then this might be the civ for you.

Led by the intelligent and strong-willed queen Kristina, any game where Sweden is present allows all civilizations to engage in 3 Nobel Prize competitions in the World Congress. This is thanks to the civ’s unique ability that’s aptly called “Nobel Prize”. The ability also grants extra points towards Great Scientists and Great Engineers from universities and factories.


Sweden also boasts the carolean as its unique unit. This anti-cavalry unit gains defensive bonuses towards combat strength for every unused movement point. The open-air museum, Sweden’s unique building, increases loyalty and grants bonus culture and tourism for every type of terrain that a Swedish city is built on.

There’s also the Queen’s bibliotheque that houses 2 great works and lets you either hire a new governor or promote one that you’ve already employed. Kristina’s unique ability allows you to build a better version of the bibliotheque and makes buildings and wonders themed when their great work slots are full.

Sweden is the latest civ announced for Civilization 6 via the Gathering Storm expansion. Gathering Storm launches on February 14th for PC.

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