Street Fighter 5 Owners will Get to Try Sakura for Free

13 January 2018 at 09:46 in Gaming News with 1 comment
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Just a few days before Street Fighter V Arcade Edition launches, Capcom has announced that players will be able to try out the latest addition to the game’s roster for free. That’s right, if you own Street Fighter V, you’ll be able to select Sakura when the new update goes live on 16 January.

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Sakura is the first of six characters included in the game’s latest season. You’ll be able to try her for free up until 23 January, after which you’ll have to purchase her separately or with the Season 3 Character Pass if you want to continue playing as her and keep any EXP and Fight Money you earned with her during the trial. Purchasing her unlocks her Battle Costume and colors 3-10 for both her default and battle costume.

Sakura has ditched her school uniform and now sports long sleeves, a scarf and a headset. Her classic look will still be available as her Nostalgia costume though. Sakura’s Street Fighter Alpha 2 stage has also been reimagined and added to the game, still featuring her little brother Tsukushi.

Contrary to what Capcom did with the last two seasons, the Season 3 characters were all revealed at the same time last December during the Capcom Cup 2017 event. Blanka, Cody and Sagat will be returning while two new characters will also be added — Falke and G.

Additional features introduced in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will come as a free update to owners of the vanilla game, although you’ll still need to purchase the season passes for the additional characters.

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