Store Review Giveaway Winner: Hugo Veiga

7 August 2014 at 16:12 in Allkeyshop Gaming News with 1 comment is your one-stop hub where you can win free PC games, compare prices for video games, and buy CD keys for a cheaper price! Here on, we aim to provide you the best service when it comes to choosing the stores where you can buy your games from. So we have dedicated a Store Review Page where you can post a review about your shopping experiences with the stores listed with us. As a token of appreciation to our wonderful site visitors who take their time posting a review, we’re also giving away one free CD key each month to one lucky reviewer! How cool is that? 10361326_692761467464348_2065978355449430734_n And now, we are very happy to announce our newest FREE CD key winner from our recent Store Review Contest, Hugo Veiga, who has won a Sniper Elite III CD key. Check out his interview below: untitled(2) -AKS: Congratulations for winning our contest! We are happy to announce that you have won our Store Review Giveaway. How did you hear about -HUGO VEIGA: Facebook -AKS: Have you tried buying CD keys before? If yes, how long have you been buying CD keys? -HV: Yes, for like 2 years or so  -AKS: Why do you prefer buying CD keys in digital download format instead of purchasing a physical box?  -HV: Well i prefer having physical but buying only the key is way cheaper  -AKS: What can you say about the price comparison tool that offers? -HV: It’s awesome, really makes things easier  -AKS: Have you talked about to someone before? What do you usually tell your friends about us? -HV: Yes, about the price comparison tool 
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