SteamKeyBox Maintenance Update

28 June 2019 at 16:13 in Uncategorized with 3 comments

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In case you guys have been following our Twitch streams and participating in our Rewards Program, you might have heard that SteamKeyBox went on maintenance break for a few weeks to work on improving certain features of the site. Well, the SteamKeyBox team has just posted an update on their efforts which you can read in full below:

We have performed maintenance on Steamkeybox in recent weeks to improve our multi-account detection system. The system update was longer than expected, so we reopened the site, but some features are not yet available (coupon system).

If when you launch a wheel you get an error message (error code (1)), it means that our system has detected you as a multiaccount potential. We study each case to determine the extent of the multi-account and its automation (bots). It is possible that after analysis you may be able to use your account again or be banned permanently.

An automatic multi-account deletion system will be implemented. As indicated in the Terms of Use, you must have only one account.

Yes, that’s right! Although it will be missing a few features while maintenance continues, is finally open once again.

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