Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest: May 27th – June 3rd

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Steam Endless Replayability Fest

Steam often hosts events focusing on specific game genres. This week, the fest starting is the Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest. Discover all the details and games on offer here.

Main Information

  • The Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest runs from May 27th to June 3rd.
  • Discounts await you on games set in open worlds where survival is key.
  • With AllKeyShop, you can often save more than in the Steam Sale.

What is the Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest?

As the name suggests, the Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest focuses on open-world survival games. The event starts today on May 27th at 7 pm and runs until June 3rd. In these games, you often find yourself alone or with a few friends. You typically start with nothing or very limited equipment and must fight for your life. Food is scarce, so you scavenge berries or hunt animals with makeshift weapons. In many games, you also gather materials to build a secure shelter for the night. Additionally, there’s plenty to explore, ensuring gameplay remains engaging.

Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest

Which games are discounted at the Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest?

Steam uploaded the trailer for the Open World Survival Crafting Fest on Twitter. You can already see some games featured in the sale. But these aren’t all the games. Check out Steam yourself from 7:00 pm onwards to discover all the games on offer. Below is a list of games shown in the event trailer.

  • Beyond Contact
  • The Wild Eight
  • Rust
  • Subsistence
  • Dying Light
  • Creativerse
  • Cardlife: Creative Survival
  • Icarus
  • Len’s Island
  • Mist Survival
  • Eco
  • Life Not Supported
  • Volcanoids
  • Realms of Magic
  • Days Gone

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