Steam Deal: Need for Speed ​​Rivals: Complete Edition for PC / Steam Deck €3.99

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Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition is only €3.99 this week on Steam, saving you 80% on the open-world racer.

  need for speed rivals steam deal  

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Key Facts

  • Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition is currently 80% off on Steam.
  • NfS Rivals is an epic open-world racer where you clash with the cops and other racers in driving battles.
  • The deal ends on September 18.



Need for Speed Rivals is on sale on Steam this week, giving you 80% off on its complete edition until September 18. And you don’t want to miss this deal.

  need for speed rivals  


Need for Speed Rivals is an open-world combat racing game where you take your driving skills to the streets as you go wheel-to-wheel in epic clashes with the cops and other racers.

Need for Speed Rivals Key Features:

  • 6 Exciting Packs: Get ready for action with six thrilling packs – the Simply Jaguar Complete Pack, Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Complete Pack, Concept Lamborghini Complete Pack, Koenigsegg Agera One, Complete Movie Pack, and Loaded Garage Pack.
  • Race Together: Imagine the excitement when your race collides with your friend’s pursuit, creating a world where every event is a unique adventure. Prefer a solo experience? Take charge of Redview County and conquer advanced AI opponents, whether you want to be a Racer or a Cop.
  • Epic Rivalry: Racers are solo daredevils hungry for fame, driving agile cars built for high-speed races and thrilling chases. Cops work as a team, harnessing the full power of the police force to track down and capture racers. Switch roles at will and risk your speed points with a new scoring system that keeps the stakes high.
  • Customize Your Ride: Make your car uniquely yours with performance upgrades and style enhancements. Soup up your vehicle with cutting-edge pursuit tech and express your individuality through custom paint jobs, eye-catching liveries, personalized license plates, sleek rims, and striking decals.
  • Tech for Pursuit and Evasion: Stay one step ahead with the latest pursuit tech. Racers can outwit Cops using turbo boosts, jammers, and electromagnetic pulses. Cops are armed for aggressive takedowns, deploying shockwaves, spike strips, and calling in reinforcements like roadblocks and helicopters.


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