Sons of the Forest Out Now – Get it Here Cheap

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Sons of the Forest is out now, and you can get it here cheap.

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  Sons of the Forest Out Now    

Key Facts

  • Sons of the Forest is the first-person survival horror sequel to 2014’s The Forest.
  • The game features an open-world, no NPCs, and rich crafting system.
  • You can find Sons of the Forest at the best price on Allkeyshop.



Sons of the Forest is the highly-anticipated sequel to 2014’s The Forest, and once again, you are alone on a remote island, fighting to survive the local cannibals.

  Sons of the Forest Mutants  

Tasked with finding a missing billionaire, you find yourself trapped, with no way to escape, as cannibals and other mutated creatures hunt you across the island.


Sons of the Forest features an open world where you choose where to go, what to do, and how to do it, with no NPCs giving you orders, quests, or directions.

Your only hope for survival is to build shelter, craft crude weapons, and learn to use your surroundings to your advantage as you hunt for food and gather valuable resources.

The Sons of the Forest can be played alone or with friends in four-player co-op, and it’s out now on PC.




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