Sons of the Forest: Early Access Steam Rating

2 March 2023 at 19:27 in Gaming News with no comments

Sons of the Forest is out now in Early Access on Steam.

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Sons of the Forest Out in Early Access    

Key Facts

  • Sons of the Forest is out now in Steam Early Access.
  • The game currently sits on a “Very Positive” rating from nearly 70,000 reviews on Steam. 
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Sons of the Forest is the open-world survival horror sequel to The Forest, and it’s now out in Early Access on Steam.

  Sons of the Forest Release Date  

Since its release last week, Steam players have been surviving on a remote and cannibal-infested island alone and with friends. 


In its first week, Sons of the Forest has received more than 65,000 reviews on Steam, with more than 55,000 positive reviews that have the game currently sitting on a “Very Positive” rating.

  Sons of the Forest Steam  

The game’s also had a lot of success in terms of player numbers, with an all-time peak of 414,257 concurrent players on Steam, according to SteamDB.

  Sons of the Forest Wiki  

As mentioned, Sons of the Forest is in Early Access, where it’s expected to remain for at least 6-8 months, so you can still expect plenty of updates and new content for the remainder of 2023.



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