Sniper Elite 5 Release Date Announced

19 March 2022 at 19:57 in Gaming News with no comments

Rebellion announce Sniper Elite 5 release date and reveals key features of the upcoming third-person shooter.

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Rebellion Developments, developer of the Sniper Elite franchise, has announced Sniper Elite 5.

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Rebellion has announced that Sniper Elite 5 will take place in France in 1994, with players fighting across immersive maps to prevent a top-secret Nazi project from ending the war before the allies have a chance to invade Europe.

Sniper Elite 5 features an expansive campaign, advanced gunplay physics, customization options, and an enhanced Kill Cam.

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Many of the real-world locations in Sniper Elite 5 have been recreated using photogrammetry to create improved environments and infiltration and extraction points.

As you fight across the maps, you will learn to use ziplines, slopes, and ledges to your advantage as you execute flawless strategies.

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Rebellion promises that the Kill Cam is more realistic and gritty than ever and will include shots from SMGs and pistols.

Sniper Elite 5 will also include Invasion Mode, which will allow drop-in and co-op PvP during your campaign.

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You can enter another player’s campaign as an Axis sniper and try to stop them in their tracks, or you can call for help and have a second sniper join you to take on the Nazi forces.

Other game modes include 16-player competitive battles and 4-player Survival mode, in which you and your group will try to survive against endless waves of enemies.

Sniper Elite 5 will release on May 26 and is available to pre-order now.




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