Sker Ritual Unleashes New Launch Trailer: Compare your Key Now

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Sker Ritual Unleashes New Launch Trailer: Compare your Key Now

With the long-awaited official launch of Sker Ritual, the Wales Interactive team has also released a new trailer for this new chapter in the Sker story, initially released as an Early Access title in October 2022 and finally released as a full title just a few days ago. Continuing the intriguing plot of Maid of Sker, this title introduces a zombie-themed shooter! Available since 18th April 2024, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Sker Ritual Official Launch, Story, and New Features

Initially released as an Early Access title on Steam, Sker Ritual was supposed to be released in 2023, but the team decided to postpone the official launch to improve and fix some issues and deliver a more complete version at launch. Released as version 1.0, nearly 4 years after Maid of Sker in 2020, the game’s story continues from the “Evil” ending in a spin-off story. Set in 1914, Elisabeth Williams has conquered the Welsh Island of Sker and intends to dominate everything through the transmission of the Siren Song. After being mysteriously awakened, we join Elisabeth’s daughter, Arianwen, to thwart her mother’s evil plans.

In this alternate version, the gameplay will focus more on the dynamic aspect compared to Maid of Sker, while still uncovering the mysteries surrounding the ancient Celtic powers at the heart of the story. With the possibility of playing co-op with up to 3 other players, we will progress through various levels filled with enemies, bosses, secrets, and side missions! Among the new features of Sker Ritual are:

  • New enemies in the form of Elites, with unique abilities not to be underestimated, joining the enemies from Maid of Sker and new bosses.
  • The Miracle Drop system capable of enhancing or altering 3 of our abilities randomly: Melee, Firearms, Grenades, and Healing. Each drop will also have a rarity and a different attribute and power.
  • The Laughing Policeman Booth will offer not only weapons and ammunition but also the ability to upgrade our weapons with SUPER CHARGER upgrades, with a steampunk twist that will enhance the base level of the weapon.

Sker Ritual: How to Find Game Keys at the Best Price

Sker Ritual is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC as version 1.0. But that’s not all, because thanks to the official launch, you can also try the game demo to get an idea of the gaming experience. The game has had good success and positive feedback from the community over the past few days. For those interested, the base price of the game is quite affordable at only 24.99€, but with Allkeyshop, you can save even more by getting Sker Ritual for less than 20€!


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