Sifu: New Difficulty Options Added in Update

6 May 2022 at 19:09 in Gaming News with no comments

Sifu players can now choose a difficulty level when playing the game, thanks to its latest update.

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Players who are struggling to progress through Sifu can now choose which level of difficulty they want to play the game in.

Update 1.08 adds the Student, Disciple, and Master difficulty options, with Disciple corresponding to the game’s default difficulty.

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Student Difficulty is the easiest mode. In this level, enemies are less aggressive and are less reactive in defense. The player’s character also has more life and structure, while various archetypes and bosses get simplified patterns. The Death Counter also gets a limit and players get better shrine rewards.

The Master Difficulty is the complete opposite of Student Difficulty, and it also adds a new pattern for bosses.

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In addition to the new difficulty levels, the update also brought a new outfit feature that allows players to change their character’s outfit in the Wuguan. Two new outfits can be unlocked this time, while more will be coming in future updates. Those who own the Deluxe Edition will get 1 extra outfit.

Update 1.08 also includes the new dark mode for in-game menus as well as an updated training mode.

You may view the full patch notes HERE.

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