Shiness The Lightning Kingdom New Musical Trailer

25 March 2017 at 08:13 in Gaming News with 1 comment
Shiness The Lightning Kingdom New Musical Trailer Cover

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Get enchanted with Shiness The Lightning Kingdom new musical trailer video. 

Enigami’s Shiness The Lightning Kingdom has a brand new video. It features the game’s musical score as well as the world of Shiness The Lightning Kingdom. It will show you the various locations, enemies, characters and some moves of our heroes.

Shiness The Lightning Kingdom

The CEO of Enigami, Hazen Hawash said, “In today’s Music Trailer, we invite you to discover the magical lands and characters of the Lightning Kingdom, accompanied by an entrancing, original soundtrack. This gives you a good first taste of the tracks that will accompany you along your journey.”

The universe of Shiness The Lightning Kingdom is actually 20 years in the making according to Hawash. Each stroke of the pen came from the Artistic Director of Enigami Samir Rebib.

The game actually started with a Kickstarter Campaign before it was taken over by Focus Home Interactive.

Hawash adds, “We’ve pumped all our energy and passion into Shiness, and in less than a month a child’s dream finally becomes an indie RPG with bold personality…and enchanting music.”

Shines The Lightning Kingdom is set to release on April 18, 2017, for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Shiness The Lightning Kingdom Has Gone Gold!

Enigami finally announces that Shiness The Lightning Kingdom has finally gone gold. Games that has “gone gold” means that the development is already complete, and copies of the final game are ready to be reproduced.