Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Allows You to Make Mistakes

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One puts you in the shoes of young Sherlock as he tries to earn his reputation.

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Frogwares’ Features Designers Team Lead  Yaroslav Martyniuk sat down with Epic Games’ Brian Crecente to talk about the game. Martyniuk highlighted how players will see a different Sherlock in Chapter One. As the game is set during his early adult years, the developers made sure to allow room for players to make mistakes.

“Being wrong as Sherlock Holmes is both blasphemous and exciting at the same time… It’s actually one of the assumptions that we made when designing the game early on. Our story talks about a young Holmes, a young man that only starts to discover who they are, and what their path in life might be. He’s also a bit of a cocky individual, where his confidence might be a bit overblown compared to his abilities. It’s Sherlock growing into the shoes of the world’s greatest detective. So having him be wrong feels right.”


Players have a lot of room for error while playing the game. According to Frogwares, there may be instances where players might miss some clues during the course of their investigation, or maybe come to a wrong conclusion after piecing together clues. You may even judge a person’s behavior incorrectly .

Failure does not mean the game ends, Epic Games says. It simply changes it. “You just simply move on and live with your choices—and their consequences,” Martyniuk said.


In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, players will be faced with making a lot of decisions which will affect the outcome of the game as well as the man Sherlock Holmes will become. He will be joined by his only friend, Jon, in a Mediterranean island full of political corruption and crime. They would have to win the locals’ trust if they want to get answers from them.

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is available on PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Grab your CD key at the best price yet from our trusted stores and save more.

Here’s a quick guide of the game’s editions to help you decide which one to choose: Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – Which Edition to Choose?


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